3 Reasons I Reply to Comments

I love blogging. I really do. I’ve never grown tired of writing new posts, dreaming up new tablescapes, sharing my tried and true recipes, craft projects and helpful hints for extraordinary events.

I also enjoy reading the comments from my readers and replying to every single one. Yes, I said every one. I may have accidentally missed one or two along the way, but I make it a point to reply. It does take time, but you’re worth it.

I feel that if you use your valuable time to read my post and leave a comment, the least I can do is reply. Note:  I’m sure I’ll feel differently when I get to the point where I have 100’s of comments. :). I’m not there yet.

3 Reasons I Reply to Comments3 Reasons I Reply to Comments

1.  I really enjoy getting to know the readers of my blog.

When I’ve asked questions at the end of my post, I’ve received some brilliant answers ( some I never would have thought of) and ideas for new blog posts. Thanks!  You guys are really smart!

2. I’m paying it forward.  

When I was a brand new blogger I discovered a “big name” blog that I absolutely fell in love with. One day I left a comment and almost fainted when I received a reply. I was thrilled when she took the time to answer, knowing that she gets tons of comments and is not able to reply to all of them.

3. It’s good business for my blog.  

A little birdie told me that many companies looking for bloggers to write sponsored posts actually read post comments to see how well the blogger interacts with the readers of their blog.

Helpful Hint: When I first started blogging (I was so clueless) I just assumed everyone received an email notifying them that I had replied to their comment. No, no, no.  My face turned 50 shades of red when I realized I was commenting away and no one even knew.

After a few weeks of blogging I found the best plugin called Comment Reply Notification.  When I reply to a comment, they get an email message with my reply.  I’ve been using it for a year and a half with no problems.  When I recently visited the plugin website, I noticed that it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it works well for me.  There’s also a plugin called Comment Email Reply.  There’s also one where the user gets to choose if they want a reply to their comment or not.  It’s called Send Email Only on Reply to my Comment.

It’s often hard to think of a reply to a generic statement like “Great Post,” but for me, for now, replying is just the right thing to do.  My sincere reply to those type comments is usually “Thanks for reading!

Please note: I have great blogger friends that work full time jobs and/or have small children in addition to blogging and their outlook is totally different than mine.  It doesn’t mean I’m right and they’re wrong.  It’s OK to be different.  That’s what makes the world go round!  (Not really, but you know what I mean!)

If you’re a blogger, do you reply to comments?  Why or why not?

If you’re not a blogger, do you appreciate replies to your comments or does it matter?

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Why I Reply to Comments

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  1. You are so right on all three counts, Alli. I love replying to comments too. Sometimes, time gets away from me with so many irons in the fire and I don’t get it done. I do read them all and try to reply.
    Those are great plug in’s too! I like the email notice telling me that there is a reply to my comment! Sometimes it inspires a quick conversation.
    Pinning this to my Blogging board 🙂
    Hope you have a fabulous week!

    • Most people don’t return to see if the author of the blog replied, so email notices are the only way to let the person who commented know that there is a reply. I wish more bloggers realized that. Good to see you on Merry Monday! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Alli,

    Your reasons for replying to each comment make sense to me. It is a practice that I need to start adopting. It overwhelms me sometimes especially since I do not simply want to say ‘Thank You!” I am also going to install the plugin that you recommended. Your post came as a bit of conviction for me. Thanks blog friend!

  3. thanks so much for the tips! i also respond to every comment at my blog… i love engaging with my readers. if they took the time to comment, then i feel i should definitely take the time to respond 🙂

  4. BOOYAAH!!!!

    yes, I LOVE replying to comments too. Like you mentioned, it’s just good practice and paying it forward. I have an obsession with engagement. I love to engage back with others. It makes me so darn happy.

    Thank you for those 2 helpful hints with the notification on the plugs. I’m going to add those right now today. I want my commenters to know I responded back to them as well.


  5. I try to reply to all my comments, sometimes it’s not the same day. But especially when a reader has a question – I want to make sure that they get an answer back. Thank you for the tip on the notification of a comment reply!

  6. I think replying to comments is very important. I get a little behind on it, but I do my best to respond. Great thoughts.

  7. Those are really good tips! It makes sense that companies would want to see proof of interaction because relationships probably mean trust.
    I remember being SO EXCITED when I got my first comments. I always replied. You are right that it can be hard to reply to generic comments. I try to at least thank them by name, when in doubt. I use Disqus, so if someone has made a similar comment to another person, I like that I can tag that other person in my reply and make a comment that sometimes sparks a discussion!
    The amount of plug-ins to chose from makes it hard. There are only two that I won’t use. I won’t comment on the Google+ comment system because that makes all of your comments public if someone searches your email address. It seems unnecessarily creepy. Also, I won’t comment with my Facebook page. If I could comment with my blog’s FB page, I might.

    • I totally agree, Sarah! One time I left a comment on a post and a couple of minutes later I was checking my personal FB and saw the comment and almost freaked out. I hate when the space to leave a FB comment is right above the regular comments and I accidentally comment in the wrong place. I immediately deleted that comment and I almost hyperventilate whenever I see that set up. No, thanks.

  8. I do reply to every comment on my blog. I don’t post every day or even every week or month – it is more a record of my quilting journey. I appreciate that my followers actually read what I write and post an answer. I use Blogspot and I have it set to send me an email every time I get a post – both so I can screen out the trolls as well as being able to email an answer back to my reader. I rarely comment on blogs where I have commented in the past and received no response.

    • That’s great that you have settings that automatically send you an email when you get a comment. I, of course, had to install a plugin for that. Askimet (another plugin) actually does a great job weeding out the trolls. At one time I had my settings so that I had to moderate any comment I received from someone who had never commented before. Then I read somewhere that I shouldn’t do that so I changed the setting. So far I haven’t received anything crazy. 🙂

  9. I love commenting on blog and receiving comments as well. I reply about 80% of the time but sometimes with the time difference and travel, it’s difficult to do on each post.

  10. As a blogger who has a tiny blog, it’s easy for me to keep up with replying to comments. Like everyone, I love when I see a new comment, especially if it’s more than a copy and paste job that says thank you for linking your post to a party comment. I get that there are time restraints on party hosts, but really those copy and paste comments are pretty awful. They scream, “I really didn’t look at your post, but I have to leave this comment here!” Not good.

    As a reader who comments on blogs, I try to be thoughtful in my comments. I appreciate a reply, but I don’t necessarily expect one. When I see that the blogger took the time to reply, I’m much more likely to reply to other posts they make. I think those plug ins you mentioned are great assets.

    • You brought up a great point, Beverly. I never copy and paste. Also, I can tell when a blogger has just scanned my post by the comment. Sometimes the comment has nothing to do with the post and I can clearly tell that they didn’t bother to read it. 🙂 When it comes to a link party, I don’t expect to get a thanks for linking up.

  11. Alli, you know I love your blog! And I love the fact that you do reply, and sometimes I even look forward to the little email from your blog reply ;). You are very encouraging, and I am learning lots from you. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Anna! I always enjoy learning about new techniques in gardening from your blog. Have you ever done a post about getting the soil ready for planting? My soil is mostly sand and I’m determined to plant a real garden this spring.

  12. I try to reply most of the time it is so time consuming but you are right it’s great to interact with people. People would leave comments and I wouldn’t know what to say back or I didn’t think it warranted a response but a simple thank you can do the trick. Thank you for this I need to get back into the habit of responding to others.

  13. Alli, thank you for these tips and sharing your thought process. I agree that receiving feedback from people you’ve known in the industry and/or admire is like getting a high five from them! I try to respond to everyone that comments on my blog posts as well, but with my job, two little girls, sometimes it takes me longer to respond. I’ve debated this very issue to comment or not to comment, but after reading your posts you’ve inspired me to keep doing it!

  14. I totally agree! I try to respond to all comments on my site, too…even if it just a “thank you!” If someone took the time to comment, I’m going to take the time to respond. So many people think blogging ends with posting the blog post. Nooooooo…obviously those people are not bloggers! I sometimes think it takes me 15-30 minutes to write a post, and 2-4 hours to promote it and respond to comments, etc.

  15. These are great tips, Alli! One day, when I’m not working full-time outside the home and running an additional business on the side and I can use blogging as my only job, I will reply to comments. It made me sad at first that I had to stop. But there are only 24 hours in a day 🙁 I’m glad you reply, though! I like your comments 🙂

  16. I love that you reply to all of your comments, I reply to about 90% of mine, its hard to reply to just 2-3 words sometimes. But I agree I think it is very important no matter how big your blog is, because we all remember when we first started off and we left a comment someone and never heard back. Replying to comments helps build your brand.

  17. I have always been the same way – I spent months replying without having Comment Reply Notification – oops!!! I do like when other bloggers respond to comments and when I get an email with the response – I don’t have time to read every blog 2x:)

  18. I agree with your points Ally. I love getting to know the people who read and comment on my blog posts. I also have comment luv so I try to read their posts and comment there as well. It is time consuming but hope to keep it up. I have a check box on my comment section for people to click if they want to be notified of replies but I just added your plug in. Thx!

  19. I had that moment for a bit in the beginning to where I didn’t realize no one knew how I was replying to each comment. Thank goodness for PlugIns! Great posts and a great practice…

  20. Pamela Gurganus says

    I’m not a blogger, but I do appreciate replies to my comments. Especially when I’m asking a question. Just this past week, I left comments on two different blogs with questions about entering their giveaways and I’ve never received any response. Frustrating. I try to chalk it up to them being busy and not just rude.

    • I hate that you didn’t get a reply, Pamela. But I’m glad you left a comment on this post. I always like to hear what non-bloggers think.

  21. Thanks for the great advice! I’ve got to get that plugin! 🙂

  22. caitlin smith says

    Agreed!! If you’re a blogger, the people reading your blog make you! You wouldn’t have one if no one read it, so those who choose to deserve a response. 🙂 I understand that if someone has a million comments they can’t reply to everyone but it sure helps my opinion of someone to see them replying. It says, down to earth and real. And I like that. 😀

  23. I reply to all the comments on my blog too. Like you I enjoy getting to know the people who take time to visit my blog. I want them to have a response to their comments so we both get to know each other better.

  24. I love that you reply to all my comments, Alli. I get the email with your reply and it is just nice to know that you took the time to read others comments. If I don’t get emails from others, sometimes I go by and check to see if they replied. I think it helps to keep the readers coming back to your site!

  25. First of all thanks for your effort. I know when I get I reply, I get giddy. Someone is actually reading my posts. And yes most definitely I comment… I’m a pretty chatty person.

  26. I definitely support replying to comments! I make a point to reply to my comments, because if that person took time out of their day to comment on my post, I can give them the same respect. Plus, you’re right, I like getting to know my readers.

  27. Thanks so much for sharing this at Pin-Worthy Wednesday!! I also thought that people got an automatic response in their email! I need to get that plug-in!

  28. I love comments, and I try to respond to all comments and then go visit that person’s blog and comment, as well. I changed my comment response so that people would know how I handle comments. It takes a lot of time, but I love the interaction, and since I’m still on Blogger, I can’t install a plug-in. Word Press is sounding like a great idea right now. 🙂

    • I also visit the person’s blog and comment. I’m sure I’ve missed a comment here and there, but I do love to respond to all. I’ve never been on blogger. I started with self hosted wordpress from the get go.

  29. I’ve been blogging almost a year now, while I do not get 100’s of comments (one day I will) I do reply to the ones I get because that’s the purpose of blogging. Starting a conversation, sharing, and community. I want my blog to be a two-way or multi-way ongoing convo. I like your reasons for responding to your readers/commenters.

  30. As a blogger, I definitely try to reply to almost every single comment, especially to make connections with others and build relationships with my readers and blogging community. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just think it’s good form to respond when someone takes the time to post on your blog.

  31. I’m just starting out so I absolutely try to reply to every single comment as it is very important to me and I appreciate every time someone makes the effort to comment! Thank you so much for the plug in links! I wondered what I could do to make sure people were aware I was replying, I wish everyone had it so I could get the comment replies on other blogs I comment on as it’s too hard to go back and check all the time. If I comment on a blog a few times and get no reply it stops me wanting to try and engage and I often stop bothering.

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