Pan Seared Halibut

A few days ago, my husband stopped by our favorite seafood shop to purchase some fresh fish. They had fresh halibut so I prepared pan-seared halibut for dinner. Halibut is so delicious.  Off the Hook Seafood Market sells fresh seafood and the fishmonger will give you tips on the best way to cook the fish. We […]

Top 5 Southern Seafood Recipes

I come from a seafood loving family!  Not only do we love to eat seafood; we love to catch it, too!  I could bait a hook when I was five and learned to take a catfish off a hook without getting finned shortly thereafter. Catfish don’t sting, but they have sharp fins that can really do […]

Pan Seared Fish Fillets & Homemade Tartar Sauce

Need a quick and healthful mid-week meal?  These pan seared fish fillets fit the bill! My mom is the best cook in the world.  Isn’t yours?  And her fried fish is what legends are made of – bar none.  Her fish are better than any I’ve ever had in a restaurant. But, because we try […]

Family Fish Fry – St. George Style

My brother and his family have been vacationing at St. George Island since my nephew, Biff, was just a tiny lad.  Somewhere along the way, mom and dad began to accompany them on their adventures.  A short time later, my sister, Melinda, and her family joined up on a yearly trek, all the way from […]