Minty Cocoa Mousse – Chocolate Mousse with a Kiss of Mint

Spring calls for something cool, creamy, smooth and silky – and chocolate – with a touch of mint. My Minty Cocoa Mousse is the perfect dessert, no matter the season. If you are a mint and chocolate kind of gal (or guy), this is definitely for you. It’s oh so quick and easy. You know […]

Banana-less Pudding Is A Favorite Dessert

Banana-less Pudding is a thing at my house. If you’ve tried my marshmallow cream frosting, then you know that Sunday desserts are centered around the grandkids.   Some time back, they informed me that although they like bananas and they adore pudding, they just don’t love the two together. So I axed those bananas and […]

Citrus Infused Bread Pudding With Homemade Caramel Sauce

I’m notorious for finding a recipe, doing a major demolition and restructuring it into something more to my liking.  But that’s not a bad thing, is it?  My mantra is:  Recipes are made to be tweaked! I found a bread pudding recipe, didn’t care much for the type of bread it called for and thought […]