Spring Cleaning

There is just something about spring that motivates me to get rid of all the dust bunnies, clean the baseboards, clean out the closets, the kitchen cabinets and gulp, all the windows – inside and out!  It makes me a-good-kind-of-tired just thinking about it! But there’s another kind of spring cleaning I want to write […]

It’s Friday – But Sunday’s Coming

It’s Faithful Friday!  If you are a new reader, you may not know that this is the day that I set aside to talk about my faith in God!  I’ve never been one to push my relationship with the Lord down anyone’s throat, but I do like to share the most important aspect of my […]

Common Courtesy

Sometimes it seems as if common courtesy has gone the way of Clackers.  Am I the only one who remembers those things? Is common courtesy a thing of the past?  I certainly hope not! Common Courtesy –  excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior. a courteous, respectful, or considerate act or expression. Titus 3:1, 2 […]

Piping Hot

Food that is supposed to be served hot should be served piping hot, in my opinion!  It’s the way my mom did it when I was growing up.  We ate dinner (supper to us southerners) every night at 5:30 sharp, as soon as my dad got home from work.  And the food would be placed […]

Taken for Granted

Taken for Granted – To value someone or something too lightly We tend to take so many things for granted;  the very breath we breathe, the beauty of nature, the sound of a child’s laughter, good health, plenty of food, a warm abode in the winter and a nice, cool refuge from the sweltering heat […]

Rebel with a Cause

I admit it. I’ve always had a tiny little streak of rebellion in me and have never been very good at going with the flow. I kinda enjoy swimming upstream and going against the grain.  If everyone else is doing it or wearing it or saying it, I tend to not do it, wear it […]

Faithful Friday – Sex

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just about every February, my husband and I do a month long Sunday morning series at church on relationships.  Last year we entitled it “All You Need is Love.”  This year we’re calling it “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”  Yes, I always name the series after a song. We have a question […]

Faithful Friday – Take It Easy

I’m not very good at taking it easy.  Type “A” personalities like me don’t comprehend the meaning of those words. When the doctor told me to take it easy for the next two weeks, I had no idea how slowly the weeks would pass. And I’m looking so forward to February 5th.  That’s the day […]

Faithful Friday – Work It

How’s your 2014 word working for you?  Or is it giving you a good work out? I have to admit that my word, love, looms over me on the (rare) occasion when I want to throw my word overboard and drown it!  But love is a vital part of charting the course for my future. […]

Faithful Friday – Forward

It’s the first Faithful Friday of the New Year!  Faithful Friday is the day that I share about my faith in God and His faithfulness to me!  Last Friday I left you with a challenge to find your one word for 2014.  If you missed it, you can find it by clicking here! I received […]