Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase 10.04

by Alli

Happy October and welcome to Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase 10.04.  We’re glad you’re here! October came in with a little chill in the air.  And I do have one question, “Is it ever going to stop raining every single day?”

First things first – today is my youngest grandson’s 4th birthday AND my nephew, Jarrad’s, 28th birthday.  Happy Birthday to both of you!

If you recall, last week I mentioned going to visit a caterer for a tasting in Charleston (daughter’s wedding in May).  We were down to two and two has now become one.  We booked the caterer.  Yes!

I also booked the wedding weekend room block at a different hotel and now it’s only $98.00 per night instead of $400! Yes, I was quoted $400 and $300 a night at the first two hotels I checked with.  No, thanks!  I received a discount on the rooms I did book AND 2 comped rooms.  I’m so glad that part is done and can be crossed off the list.

So, what have you been up to lately?  Are you ready for all the awesome link-ups?

Picking a favorite from last week’s party was as difficult as ever, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome this repurposed Pot Lid Jack O’ Lantern from Dukes & Duchesses is! Why haven’t I ever thought of this?  I’m going on a hunt for some old pot lids immediately!

DIY Sunday Showcase

Jennifer’s Fave:  Snacks for Kids:  Purple Monsters from Space Ship & Laser Beams

Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase

Marie’s Favorite:  Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks from Flamingo Toes

Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase

Erin’s Favorite:  Simple Sign from Hawthorne and Main

Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase

Katie’s Favorite:  Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie from Pancake Warriors Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase

Wendi’s Favorite:  Faux Tufted Headboard from Patina Paradise

Chit-Chat & DIY Sunday Showcase