Chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

by Alli

Hey there! Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26.

Can you believe it’s almost July 4th? Slow down, summer, so I can enjoy my favorite season.

What vacation plans do you have for summer? Are you looking forward to a staycation?  Have you already been on vacation or are you busy packing for a little summertime fun?

I’m full of questions today! I guess I’m in a really good mood because my 4-days-a-week treatments for the herniated disc and two bulging discs ends Thursday. According to the doctor, I’ll need more treatment, but it won’t take up my entire week. I think I’ll do the happy dance.

After treatment ends next week, I’ll be gearing up for our huge 4th of July party. Be sure and stayed tuned, because I’ve got an easy, patriotic party post scheduled for Monday.

The day after the 4th, I head down to my hometown to spend a couple of days with my dad and my sister’s family. Melinda and her family will be visiting dad as well. We’ve got to spend some time in the country sorting through stuff at the cabin. I can almost hear mama laughing about us having to sort through all her junk. She warned us.

We return home on the 8th and then my husband and I leave for a two-week trip to Turks and Caicos on the 9th. Our anniversary is in October. We’re always too busy to get away then, so we starting taking our anniversary trip in July. It works for me.

Are you ready for the DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26?

My favorite from last week’s party is this Coastal Burlap Footstool.  Looking at me reminds me of the beach – my favorite place to be.

Coastal Footstool

Jennifer’s Favorite:  Coconut Lime Turkey Kabobs Recipe

DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

Marie’s Favorite:  DIY Nail Trim Dresser

DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

Erin’s Favorite:  4th of July Marshmallow Pinwheels

DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

Wendi’s Favorite:  A Succulent Turtle Topiary

DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

Katie’s Favorite:  Kitchen Remodel Reveal

DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

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