DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

by Alli

Hey! It’s raining like crazy here! There goes my plans to stain my deck today. Oh, well, maybe I’ll curl up with a good book this afternoon if I can find the time. I’ve got tons of work to do outside but it’ll have to wait. The flower beds need to be cleaned out, new mulch needs to be added (where does that stuff go??) and flowers need to be planted. In the meantime, Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03!

It’s April, y’all! My baby’s getting married in a little over a month. Yikes! When her roommate got married a few years ago, I talked her into moving back home and saving money on rent, etc. My husband and I have loved having her back home for a couple years. Last night she mentioned that she was going to start packing up her stuff and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My eyes may have teared up and a tear or two may have leaked out.

Go hug your kids. They grow up way too fast!

Let’s take a look back at the favorites from last week’s party.

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I have several faves when it comes to flowers. Have you ever priced those tulip wreaths? They’re way expensive! Don’t sweat it. You can make your own. How to Make Pretty Tulip Door Wreaths is my favorite.

DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Jennifer’s Favorite:  Banana Berry Breakfast Pops

DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03 - Banana Berry Breakfast Pops

Marie’s Favorite:  Wonderland Embroidery Hoop Set

Wonderland Embroidery Hoop - DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Erin’s Favorite:  DIY Gold Dipped Vase

DIY Gold Dipped Vase - DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Wendi’s Favorite: Compass Table

Compass Table - DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Katie’s Favorite:  Healthy Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Healthy Carrot Cake Bites - DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

How did you like last week’s faves? I’ve got my eye on several projects and recipes I can’t wait to share.
We’re excited to see what you’ve been up to lately. It’s time to link up your latest and greatest to this week’s DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03! Thanks for dropping by!

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