Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me introduce myself:  My name is Alli, uh huh, I tell no lie, uh huh, I’ll . . . wait, that’s an old cheer we used to do in high school.  But, really, I’m a ” self-proclaimed” decorator/party planner . . . on a tiny little budget.   Hey, you! Don’t leave!

Let me explain!  I know, I know!  There are gazillions of budget decorators that blog.  What sets me apart?  I plan mostly lady events and children’s non-birthday parties and it’s not my money that I plan with.  Because of that, I set a very strict budget.  OK, the budget is pretty much set for me and I have to operate within said budget.

That does not mean that I don’t do small events!  I can.  I do.  And you can, too.  So I will be sharing my parties, my decorating tips, my menus and recipes.  They all get rave reviews, at least from me.  I will even share my own personal parties that I have to plan with MY money!  And, let me tell you, I refuse to pay full price for anything!

Did you notice that my website is anallievent.com and the name of this blog is An Alli Event?  Duh! But, did you also notice that it COULD be read An Allie Vent – a play on words that I didn’t even realize until I registered it.  So, that simply means I can vent anytime I like, right? 🙂

Some background:  My husband and I are pastors of a fabulous church.  I’m the administrative pastor (aka in-house decorator/party planner, do whatever I’m told to do pastor and I also teach the Word of God).  I love to serve!  Wait!  I’m not your average pastor’s wife – there is no such thing as an average pastor’s wife!.  I think you are all fab!  I don’t sing or play an instrument!  I’m kinda cool (at least my grown kids think I am or they could be lying).

I love to cook, garden, decorate and plan parties.  I will spray paint anything that will sit still long enough.  I’ve never been to cooking school or design school (does bible college count?) but I do recognize good food, good design, fashion, parties, well, you get the pic!  And I study and study (oh, pinterest, where were you all those years?).  I read somewhere that if you study a subject an hour a day for a year, you will become an expert in that subject.  If that’s the case, I should win the Nobel Peace Prize for studying.  OK, there is no such thing for studying.

I’m the type that goes to someone’s house or to a wedding, party, etc. and begin to redesign in my mind – thinking of the tweaks here and there that I would do if it were mine.  I have even done that at a funeral.  BEFORE the funeral started, thank you very much, I redesigned the entire chapel in my mind.  Yeah, that’s how I roll!

Years ago I got fed up with the run-of-the-mill (can you say boring?) ladies meeting – a speaker, a couple door prizes, amen, let’s eat and go home – kind of ladies meetings.  So I had a light bulb moment and thought hum, how can I improve these meetings and make them fun so that women/girls will want to attend.

I surfed the web.  I found the now-defunct Girlfriends Unlimited.  When they folded, they let us keep the name since we had paid for it.  I fell in love – OK – like – and we started our own chapter.  Confession time:  I thought some a lot of the games and decorations were a little lame and I thought I could put my spin on things and wow, let the party planning begin!

As far as ideas, etc. I just thought I would lay claim to none of them.  What if I thought it was my idea but I got the idea from a website and forgot that I got the idea from . . . you get the picture.  So I decided from the get-go to lay claim to no recipe, no design concept, no party planning decor, nothing.  Even when I am fairly certain it was all me!

So, that’s me!  I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, over 50 (but look way younger, wink wink), southern girl with a flair for decorating, party planning and cooking.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too.  Is there even anyone out there???  Hello!  Hello!  Hello?

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  1. Rebekah Price says

    Very well said, mom! You are cool and you do look younger than 50+! (this is why I’m the favorite lol) You’re an awesome decorator and party planner. I can’t wait to see what you post here. Can I share your website with my facebook friends? lol Love you!

  2. Love it Pastor Alli!!

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