A New Way to Party – Personalized Plates

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Kids love everything about birthday parties! Most kids love to be included in the planning. They often have some great ideas, even some we would never think of ourselves. It’s fun to plan a birthday party together. When you work together, you make some great memories and you will come up with the best theme for your party.

Personalized parties are so much fun and there are many ways to personalize a party. Amazon has so many great ideas, including personalized plates.

Kids like seeing their name on birthday banners, invites, and even birthday posters. This is a cute poster for a dinosaur themed party.

birthday poster for a personalized birthday party

Here are some more great ideas for personalizing your next party.

What About Personalized Plates?

When it comes to personalizing your party, you are only limited by your imagination – first birthdays, Easter parties, sports parties – the possibilities are endless!

What about disposable birthday party plates with your child’s photo? I took a few screenshots to show you how easy it is to do. Plus, the plates are very affordable and adorable.

Below is a personalized plate featuring my grandson, Caden, snorkeling in St. Maarten. This would be perfect for a shark-themed pool party.

Personalized Plates

How about this cutie for a Christmas party? The sky is the limit. A first birthday party would also be a great time to add personalized plates.

Personalized Plates

Birthday parties don’t have to be boring. Spice things up with photo booth kits and lots of fun games. Pick a theme and let your imagination soar. Your kids will love seeing their name and their photos on their special day.

Happy party planning!


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  1. That’s a really unique gift idea! I wonder how they would hold up to everyday use? Or are they just supposed to be decorative. My grandmother would really like one of these I think.

  2. These are so adorable! My mom hosts all of our Holiday parties and Birthdays, so I am definitely going to pass this along to her. She would love it!

  3. How fun and creative. You could do so much with these, from parties to graduations. Oh graduations, that would be awesome, have a random assortment of Now and Then.

  4. I love this I might do it for my sons 10th birthday party. Having pictures that tell a story would be on mine something different on every plate.

  5. I really love this idea! My girls would love to see their faces on plates! This would be great for birthday parties.

  6. These are so neat! I’ve never heard of anything like this! What a cool idea for parties!

  7. Paper plates!! What a neat idea for a fun party atmosphere. So glad you shared, I had not heard of these folks. Pinning to my Party ideas board.

  8. This is the cutest thing ever. A perfect gift!

  9. OMG that is so neat. It’s so cool to see how talented and gifted people are with coming up with these unique things. This would definitely be good for all party types. I never heard of this before but I am so inspired by the creation.


  10. Awesome! Looks like a neat way to get personalized items….I don’t think I knew of this company. The grans are just too cute.

  11. That’s cool! I’ll use the ones of Caden for his birthday party. 🙂

  12. I have never seen such a thing, how COOL!

  13. Such a fun idea! I thought personalized as it having your name on the plates. Now this is far more creative. That would be so fun for birthday parties 😀

  14. Would it be bad of me to admit I thought of Revenge of the Nerds when I saw this?

    “That’s my Pi”.

    oops, sorry. misspent youth I guess… 🙂

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