Shades of Pink Spring Brunch – Part 1

by Alli

I get inspiration for my events from all over the place.  I may see something while out shopping or in a magazine and then I just run with it by creating a theme and a menu.

This shades of pink spring brunch was inspired by a tablecloth that I bought.  Yep, a tablecloth.  And pink is such a spring color.  And there are so many shades of pink.  So, there you have it.

Then I saw something in Southern Living magazine that I just had to incorporate:  pink flamingos.  They just add, well, a whimsical touch to it all.  After all, this is a casual, light and airy get-together and everyone has been encouraged to wear a shade of pink.

I’m always on a fairly tight budget with these affairs, so I have to think outside the box.  And my first two thoughts are always decor and food, not necessarily in that order.  At 10:00 a.m. I lean more toward the breakfast part of the brunch than the lunch part (menu will be posted soon).

brunchI bought terracotta pots and spray painted them different shades of pink to create centerpieces.  I filled them with assorted pink flowers and mini flamingos.  I also made pink tulle balls (pompoms) and a pink flower wreath made from squares of pink tissue paper.  Relax, I’m including pics and links, if applicable.

Shades of pink is the theme so I can’t have too much pink going on.  I will use the centerpieces as giveaways (two birds with one stone sorta thing but I would never, ever kill a bird, just sayin’).

flamingo3Helpful Hint:  I placed a coffee filter in the bottom of the terracotta pots before filling them with potting soil.  It helps keep the water from flowing out too fast.

This one's looking down!

This one’s looking down!

Because this is a casual, whimsical brunch, I’m (gasp!) using disposable table coverings. Don’t tell anyone!  When I do use disposable (not very often), I always use the paper ones lined with plastic on the bottom.  They look way nicer than just the plastic ones.  They hang much better, too.  Another reason I’m using disposable table covers is because we are doing a craft project.  Enough said.

Tissue Flower Wreath

I thought this would be a fun addition to hang above the beverage station.  I use command hooks because I’m very weird about putting holes in perfectly good walls (especially since we gutted the entire fellowship hall/kitchen a couple of years ago and the walls still look brand spanking new).

The beginning!

The beginning!

I found the tissue flower wreath here.  However, as usual, I didn’t exactly follow the directions.  Remember, if there is an easier way to do something, I’m all in!  I did not punch holes into the styrofoam wreath.  I just hot glued the ends of the tissue flowers to the wreath and it worked just fine and dandy.

Here is how the individual flower looks before hot gluing it to the wreath:  flower




It didn’t take very long to make a medium wreath.  I used ribbon glued to the back of the wreath to hang it.  I used a pack and a half of tissue paper (20 sheets per pack/20 x 20″)

Note:  Feel free to use different colors.  Red, white and blue would be fabulous for the 4th of July!  Of course, it needs to be used indoors or on a covered porch since it is made of tissue paper.  This craft took me back to my high school days and using tissue paper flowers to cover floats for our town’s big parade!wreath2

I also made tulle balls to hang above the cupcake table.  I fell in love with these things!  I have used hanging lanterns, tissue balls, etc. in the past but I liked these the best and they just looked, well, classy.  They would be awesome at a baby shower, too!  I found the directions here!  But of course, I changed things up a bit. Instead of using cardboard, I used two paper plates facing the same direction, with a hole cut in the middle using a small jar as a guide.  Make sure to put your string, loosely tied, between the two paper plates.  After you are finished wrapping the tulle around the plates, cut all around the outside of the paper plate, going slightly between where they meet.  Then tie the string tightly and remove the paper plates.  Fluff the tulle and you have a tulle ball!  It’s so easy!  Later on in the week I will be sharing the menu (recipes included), tulle2games and our craft project that went along with the mini teaching I did on stress!

photo (8)

I bought the tulle on a spool at Michael's.  Easy!

I bought the tulle on a spool at Michael’s. Easy!



Heidi Rew @ Parties for Pennie June 21, 2013 - 3:10 pm

So cute! I love the flamingos! I’m obsessed with the flamingo things they have at Ikea now! Adore. 🙂 Visiting from Everything Etsy! <3 Heidi

Alli June 21, 2013 - 3:39 pm

I love flamingos, too! And so did the ladies that won them! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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