Chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26

Hey there! Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 06.26. Can you believe it’s almost July 4th? Slow down, summer, so I can enjoy my favorite season. What vacation plans do you have for summer? Are you looking forward to a staycation?  Have you already been on vacation or are you busy packing for a little […]

Chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 06.12

Hey, there! Welcome to my weekly Chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 06.12! I’m so glad you stopped by. Summer hasn’t officially arrived yet, but we’re having a heat wave this weekend with near 100˚ temps. But I’m not complaining. Summer is still my favorite season of all. I just have to make sure I stay […]

ChitChat & DIY Sunday Showcase 04.17

Welcome to my weekly chitchat & DIY Sunday Showcase 04.17! It’s less than a month until my daughter’s wedding day so I’m busy with last minute stuff. It’s mostly about confirming everything and counting the RSVP’s. Speaking of RSVP’s, I’ve received several that have no return address and no name on the RSVP. Yep, they […]

Chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 04.10

Welcome to a little chitchat and DIY Sunday Showcase 04.10. The countdown continues! It’s a little over a month until we head to Charleston for my youngest daughter’s wedding. I would be facing an empty nest if my son had not returned to stay with us until he gets married in November and to be […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Hey! It’s raining like crazy here! There goes my plans to stain my deck today. Oh, well, maybe I’ll curl up with a good book this afternoon if I can find the time. I’ve got tons of work to do outside but it’ll have to wait. The flower beds need to be cleaned out, new […]

ChitChat and DIY Sunday Showcase 03.13

Can you believe it’s that time again? Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 03.13! We’re so glad you stopped by. Are you ready for the time change? I am. I love me some longer daylight hours. Now I have no excuses to skip out on exercise and claim I didn’t have the time. No excuses […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 03.05

Hey! Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 03.05! We’re glad you stopped by. Hope you’re having a fab weekend. I finally found it! I found the Mother of the Bride dress. It took a while. I’m going to savor the moment for a minute or two before the hunt begins again for my son’s wedding […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 02.21

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 02.21! What are you up to this weekend? Remember that ever elusive mother-of-the-bride dress? The last 2 dresses are going back. There’s one more I want to try before I break down and hit the brick and mortar stores. I have less than 85 days to find a dress! It’s […]

Cabo San Lucas & DIY Sunday Showcase 02.14

Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 02.14! It’s always difficult to pick a favorite each week out of so many great blog posts. As I was browsing last week’s showcase and looking at all the mouthwatering recipes, fab furniture makeovers, and fun craft projects, I spotted homemade tortillas. The moment my eyes […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 01.24

Brrrr – Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 01.24! We’re in the middle of an ice storm and I’m praying that the electricity stays one during this thing. Southerners and ice storms don’t play well together. We’re simple not equipped to handle this stuff. My husband and son-in-law are stuck in Miami, Florida. Not a […]