DIY Sunday Showcase 04.03

Hey! It’s raining like crazy here! There goes my plans to stain my deck today. Oh, well, maybe I’ll curl up with a good book this afternoon if I can find the time. I’ve got tons of work to do outside but it’ll have to wait. The flower beds need to be cleaned out, new […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 12.20

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 12.20! It’s less than a week until Christmas and I officially finished my Christmas shopping on Friday, the 18th. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to start and finish early.  One of these days I’ll actually do it. All the gifts are wrapped, except the ones for […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 12.06

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 12.06! What a crazy week this has been.  On Friday night (Dec. 4th), I hosted a Christmas party for 60 women. Thursday was spent decorating for the party and most of Friday was spent cooking.  We had the best time. Hopefully, Saturday will be a day of rest and […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 08.09

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 08.09. Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday, so I have to tell her birth story.  Because of complications, a C-Section was scheduled for August 8.  That means her birthday should have been 8.8.88.  I was thrilled.  How easy is that to remember? It’s the same day that […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 06/28

Can you believe it’s time for the DIY Sunday Showcase 6/28?  Where did the week go and what are you doing on this beautiful weekend? Not to rub it in or anything, but I’m spending the weekend in Savannah, GA.  My husband is the guest speaker at a church here on Sunday morning and I […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 06/21

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 06/21!  Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend.  We took the grandkids to the new Inside Out movie Saturday morning.  Of course, they had to watch it in 3D.  Am I the only person who gets annoyed with those glasses?  I think I need a custom pair! I’ll be […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 05/10

Happy Mother’s Day weekend and welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 05/10!  What exciting plans do you have for mom’s day?  Do you celebrate on a grand scale or is it a low-key, intimate weekend? My next-to-the-oldest daughter will be spending Mother’s Day with her husband’s mom.  To make sure everything is fair, they were […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 3/22

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 3/22 edition!  Thanks for stopping by! My spring flowers are blooming and the Bradford pear trees lining my drive are arrayed in snowy white blossoms. They’re gorgeous!  They stink, but they’re beautiful.  Except for one. I remember when we planted those trees over 15 years ago.  They were so […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 3/15

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 3/15!  Thanks for stopping by! I’m sitting here watching it rain and beginning to wonder if it’s ever going to stop.  Seems like it’s rained every day this winter.  Of course, once spring arrives, we’ll be wanting plenty of rain for our flower and veggie gardens.  I’m not complaining, […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 3/8

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 3/8!  We’ve been waiting for you. Have you been snowed in this week?  We didn’t get snow, but I have been working on some spring projects for the blog and watching this crazy weather. Wednesday was sunny and reached a high of 77 degrees. I thought I had died […]