DIY Sunday Showcase 3/8

Welcome to the DIY Sunday Showcase 3/8!  We’ve been waiting for you. Have you been snowed in this week?  We didn’t get snow, but I have been working on some spring projects for the blog and watching this crazy weather. Wednesday was sunny and reached a high of 77 degrees. I thought I had died […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 3/1

Happy 1st day of March!  What have you been up to this week? I’m counting down to March 20, the first official day of spring.  I’ve been planning my first “for-real” garden and planting vegetable seeds in little cups so I can transplant them outside in late spring. I’ll be placing many phone calls to […]

DIY Sunday Showcase 2/22

I sure hope you all are staying warm and toasty this weekend.  We South Carolinians are not acclimated to this ice, freezing wind and near zero temps!  I’m impatiently yearning for spring OR running away to an island, which ever comes first. 🙂 Being all cooped up inside, I’m really looking forward to all of […]