Deep Fried Turkey Rub

 Deep-fried turkey is crispy on the outside and so tender on the inside. We always use mom’s deep-fried turkey rub. It's the perfect rub for fried or roasted turkey.


– Garlic Powder – Seasoned Salt (I use Lawry’s with no MSG) – Cayenne Pepper (just a pinch!) – Lemon Pepper – Creole Seasoning (like Zatarain’s)

Step 1

Combine all ingredients and rub on turkey. It's best to rub the turkey the night before and let sit overnight in the fridge. Sometimes I've applied the rub 30 minutes before frying. 

Step 2

Deep fry according to the directions on your deep fryer. We preheat the oil and fry at 375º for 4 minutes per pound.  

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