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  1. marcia monds says:

    Hi Ali,
    I looked forward to getting some great recipes off your blog….I love some good ole’ southern recipes…I use to work with your sister Melinda..She is a dear friend to me..Can’t wait to see what comes next on your Blog..

    • Thanks for your comment! Any friend of Melinda’s is a friend of mine! And thanks for subscribing to my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Sherree Phillips says:

    Alwilda, I love reading your recipes, stories, and most of all your quotes from the Bible. The Word helps me when I get to work and start my day off and your stories make me laugh and rem- anise on the past. Can’t wait to read more. Love you girl, Sherree

  3. Thomas Felicia Izzard says:

    We sat down this morning, read your Friday post and really enjoyed your information on protection. Pastor continue to allow God to direct your paths, you can reach a special group of lovely people.

  4. tiffany ward says:

    Hi pastor Ali! I really enjoyed the service really touched my heart and felt as if you were speaking right to me. By the end of the service you had me in tears because i could relate to everything you were speaking of…I also would like to say a special thank you to our church family for being so loving and so kind..on my way to church this morning I told my kids “we are actually going to be on time today” lol..then as we turned off the dirt road just a few miles from the church my tire blew out…someone from the church stopped and gave us a ride to church then after church got us home while on the side of the road a lot of church family tried to help me with fixing my tire and then they found someone on a Sunday and on mothers day at that to help with a tire…I’m sorry I am not good with names but these kindhearted ladies and gentleman sure showed the love of a special church family..thank you all for everything and we love you all!!!

    • Awwe, you’re so sweet! I hate that you had a flat, but so glad that you had help from some of the good people of FFC.

  5. I am so in love with cornbread dressing!!! Is this your favorite recipe for it? Post it to your Besty List Alli!

  6. Cheryl Wulliman says:

    My email is not working but my address is …. 372 N 300 W Columbia City Indiana 46725

  7. I saw the cheesy egg roll and tater tot breakfast bake and sounded good so i joined so i can get the coupon that you offered, i click to print and did not print were did it go?

    • I visited the website and printed off a coupon to make sure it was working and it worked fine for me. At first, I didn’t think it was working, but then I clicked “print” again on the last page that came up and it sent the coupon to my printer and it printed correctly. Try again and see if it works. Thanks for contacting me.

  8. Good day!

    I recently found your site while researching how to better utilize my pinterest account. I was in the middle of reading your wonderful article on how to add rich pins to my wordpress site and now, suddenly, that blog post will not appear, even though I still have the URL up. Has anyone else noted any issues with it? I appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you for such helpful advice,

  9. Hi!
    Love your posts!!!
    I’m a SC girl, too.. But raised in the north..,.SC father/NJ mother. Husband & I are retiring to SC in about 2 years.

    Growing up I was always the odd person out… Loved shrimp/gardens & arranging flowers. “Where do you get these ideas?” My mother would always say. Then I got married & moved to Virginia where I discovered everyone was like me!!! So you can raise a girl in the north but you can’t take the south out of her blood!!!

  10. Melody Moss says:

    I did not get the post on aol to click to make sure I am included in your blog. I love your blog. I am msmelodyshamrock!

  11. Michelle Zimel says:

    Can the Pecan Pie Cobbler recipe be made in advance at all?? The day before??


  12. Stewards Mike says:

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  13. Bill Jacoby says:

    Thank you so much for the Pecan Pie Cobbler. Great idea, but I modified for our Christmas Open House. Used Panettone bread pudding for the crust, then built the top layer of the Pecan Pie Cobbler on top of the bread pudding. I left the pudding a little dry so it would form a crust. Whipped Cream. Yikes on calories but Deliicious.

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