One Word For The New Year

by Alli

Yeah, I know we’re well into January, but it took a little while for me to come up with my One Word For The New Year. You can find out more about One Word 365 here

There’s just so many words out there that I could use. But I usually let the word find me instead of me finding the word.

A couple of years ago, I ditched New Year's Resolutions and joined the One Word movement. Click the pic to see my One Word 2016. What's your word?

I joined the One Word movement in 2014 and I have to say that I like it far better than writing down a long list of resolutions that I know I’ll never keep.

One word is so much easier to keep up with than several hundred words such as lose weight, get Juvederm & a tummy tuck, look like a super model, turn back the aging clock – you know, the same old, same old.  🙂

In 2014, My One Word Was Love

In 2014, my word was LOVE, as in walking in love with everyone and not getting so impatient when things don’t go my way.  I called on that word so many times during 2014.

I took a personality test a while back on Facebook and I was labeled Commander.  Maybe I’m a little bossy and I’ll find a way or make one according to that personality test on Facebook and we all know that if it’s on FB . . . it has to be true.  

The word LOVE really did help me a tiny bit in “my way or the highway” attitude about everything.

In 2015, My One Word Was Organize

In 2015, my one word was organize.  Still working on that one.  Here’s the deal; I’m super organized in so many areas and then not organized at all in others.  

Take blogging planners for example. I have free ones, paid-for ones and every planner under the sun, but they just take up space on my desk, empty and unwanted.  

I had rather keep notes on my phone or steal a yellow legal pad notebook from my husband’s office. 

Speaking of planners, one of the gifts I gave my future daughter-in-law for Christmas was an XO Planner (whatever that is) and you would have thought I’d hung the moon.

Score for the future mother-in-law and thanks to the son for the suggestion.

One Word For The New Year:  Balance

Back to my One Word 2016 – This year the word I’m going with is Balance.

Balance is having the right amount —

not too much or too little —

of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness.

So, Balance is my One Word 2016. Wish me luck because I’ve got to get back to work! wink.

One Word 2016

Did you pick a word this year?  Any resolutions?  Fess Up!

Post Update – 01/24 

It’s now 2024 and yes, I still do a word for the year. I just don’t write about it these days. My one word for the new year is fit. 

Some of the definitions of fit: “sound – physically and mentally, made ready, to make or adjust to the right shape or size, to make a place or room for, to be in a conditon of readiness.”