One Word 2016

by Alli

Yeah, I know we’re well into January, but it took a little while for me to come up with my One Word 2016.  You can find out more about One Word 365 here! There’s just so many words out there that I could use.  But I usually let the word find me instead of me finding the word.

A couple of years ago, I ditched New Year's Resolutions and joined the One Word movement. Click the pic to see my One Word 2016. What's your word?

I joined the One Word movement in 2014 and I have to say that I like it far better than writing down a long list of resolutions that I know I’ll never keep. One word is so much easier to keep up with than several hundred words such as lose weight, get Juvederm & a tummy tuck, look like a super model, turn back the aging clock – you know, the same old, same old.  🙂

In 2014, my word was LOVE, as in walking in love with everyone and not getting so impatient when things don’t go my way.  I called on that word so many times during 2014.

I took a personality test a while back on Facebook and I was labeled Commander.  Maybe I’m a little bossy and I’ll find a way or make one according to that personality test on Facebook and we all know that if it’s on FB . . . it has to be true.  The word LOVE really did help me a tiny bit in “my way or the highway” attitude about everything.

In 2015, my one word was organize.  Still working on that one.  Here’s the deal; I’m super organized in so many areas and then not organized at all in others.  Take blogging planners for example.  I have free ones, paid-for ones and every planner under the sun, but they just take up space on my desk, empty and unwanted.  I had rather keep notes on my phone or steal a yellow legal pad notebook from my husband’s office. (I had to look on Staples website to see what those yellow notebooks were called)

Speaking of planners, one of the gifts I gave my future daughter-in-law for Christmas was an XO Planner (whatever that is) and you would have thought I’d hung the moon. Score for the future mother-in-law and thanks to the son for the suggestion.

Back to my One Word 2016 – This year the word I’m going with is Balance.

Balance is having the right amount —

not too much or too little —

of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness.

[Tweet “Balance is having the right amount — not too much or too little — of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness.”]

So, Balance is my One Word 2016. Wish me luck because I’ve got to get back to work! wink.

One Word 2016

Did you pick a word this year?  Any resolutions?  Fess Up!