How to Create a Stunning No-Cost Autumn Tablescape

How to Create a Stunning No-Cost Autumn Tablescape is part of a Fall Tablescape Blog Hop. Be sure and visit the other blogs listed at the end of the post for more inspiration. 

Visiting my favorite stores for fall decor inspiration is so much fun! This time around, I decided I’ll create a no-cost autumn tablescape by reusing things I have on hand, so I gave myself a challenge of creating an autumn tablescape without spending a dime! Did I do it? Keep reading to find out!

Stunning No-Cost Autumn Tablescape

Are you tempted by all the new, seasonal decor? I want it all! However, once my mind catches up, I realize how impractical and expensive buying new decor will be. That’s when I ask myself one simple question: “Where will I store it all?” That one question prompts me to look and not touch.

Don’t drop your cup of coffee, but the older I get, the less stuff I want. I’ve been decluttering and I’m not about to start stocking up on seasonal stuff that’s only used a few weeks. So, let’s dive in!

Steps to Creating a No-Cost Autumn Tablescape

Pull out all your Autumn Decor

I’ve been creating tablescapes for a long time, so naturally, I have a couple of storage bins full of fall decor that I’ve used for years. Some of it needs to go but a lot of it can be repurposed. Don’t be afraid to mix fake leaves with fresh fruits or flowers.

Decide on a Color Scheme

I usually go with rich fall hues like chocolate brown, orange (my fave color), copper and pops of green. I used navy blue as an accent color last year and I loved it. Go with what you love!

No-Cost Autumn Tablescape

Hit the Woods

For my centerpiece, I decided to hit the yard with a basket, Max the dog and a pair of pruning shears. Max is supposed to be looking out for snakes while we traipse through the woods. Instead, he tries to shepherd me and every woodland creature we come upon.

I have the biggest Rosemary bush in my side yard. At first, I was going to soak the Rosemary sprigs in water and make tiny wreaths to go on each plate and add name tags. As I was walking in the door, I spied all the pretty purple flowers blooming on my Variegated Liriope. I’m being all prim and proper here. I call it Monkey Grass. The flowers are gorgeous.


The purple flowers add a pretty color to my centerpiece and a pretty addition to the place settings.

No Cost Autumn Tablescape

The Rosemary sprigs are part of the centerpiece as well and they smell so good!

Apples - No Cost Autumn Tablescape

Helpful Hint: Pinecones are also your best friend when decorating for fall. They make good fillers and can be soaked in a water/bleach solution (two parts water/one part bleach). Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and add the bleach. Pinecones will try to float, so you have to weigh them down with large stones or bricks. Carefully remove the pinecones after 24 hours (wear gloves and protect your clothing). Let them dry completely. They will open back up and are beautiful! I do all of this outside!

This is a bleached pinecone from last year. It still looks great!

Bleached Pinecone - Fall Tablescape

Just when I started to spray paint a vase, I decided to use the creamer that matches Grandma Fisher’s dishes that I’m using this time around. Fall is so cozy and there’s no better way to remember grandma than using dishes that belonged to her.

The leaves are all fake. The apples are real – plucked straight from the fruit bowl on my kitchen counter.

Take a Walk Through Your Home

You’ll be amazed at what you can find for your autumn tablescape when you take a walk through every room of your home. Even if it’s not really an item you’d ordinarily use. The dessert plate I’m using for my autumn tablescape is from another set of dishes (Yes, I LOVE dishes!) and they happen to have a tiny green leaf that perfectly matches my grandma’s green dishes. Score!

Autumn Tablescape

Tablescapes are not hard as long as you go with what you love. For me, simple, homemade tablescapes are always in style. It helps make my guests feel welcome and I like the cozy feel.

No Cost Autumn Tablescape

I’m off to finish decorating my house for fall! It feels good to do it all without spending a dime! Yippee – I did it! I created a no-cost autumn tablescape!

No Cost Autumn Tablescape

How do you decorate for fall and/or Thanksgiving?

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  1. Oh wow, I am totally impressed. I am not good at doing decor let alone a no cost one. Absolutely loving the colours

  2. This is beautiful. I love the colors and arrangements. This is stunning! I’m so ready for Fall.

  3. Same as you the older I get the less stuff I want around. Love the fall table. I could easily do this just by walking around my house as you said.

  4. I absolutely love that you used pinecones and leaves from your backyard. This is gorgeous and totally up my alley. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. LOVE the color scheme for this. The purple is so unexpected but adds that natural touch. And I am with you – there is nothing as satisfying as shopping your house and not spending a dime on decor 🙂 Thanks for joining in on this blog hop!

  6. So gorgeous! Look at all these colors. I need to try and do this. I’m pretty awful when it comes to decor, but I think I could do this.

  7. I am glad fall is in the air. It’s probably one of my favorite times of the year because of the colors and how crisp the air is. I would love to make something like this.

  8. This table is absolutely beautiful! I love all the fall colors!

  9. This looks fabulous! I don’t think I’ve ever seen monkey grass look so good. Makes me hope that mine blooms soon. Love the greens and oranges.

  10. Oh Alli…your stuff is always SO BEAUTIFUL! I know how I’m going to do my tablescape this year – I’m hiring you to come over and do it! 😉 It looks gorg and I love it. ps – I have a plate obsession myself!

  11. I love the fall colours. I am not the most naturally gifted at tables capes but this I could do I think. Looks simple enough to duplicate. Nice job. It’s time for me to start looking at Fall decor and ways to spruce up my home.

  12. Beautiful table Alli! I love the idea of using what you have. I think most of us could do that! Such a pretty combo of all the fall colors I love!

  13. This is truly stunning. I love the colors, and how creative your settings are. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.

  14. Wooww, it so awesome autumn style, i love it! And those rich colors, it is very eye catching!

  15. Oh my goodness how gorgeous is that centrepiece, I absolutely love the fact it can be made for free, nothing quite like bringing the outdoors, inside as well.

  16. I bet your home smells amazing with the leaves and pinecones that you found! I love the idea of using fresh items, and your color scheme is great.

  17. These are great tips. The color scheme you chose is gorgeous and I might just use that myself!

  18. This is so pretty! I love that you used what you already had and spent $0!

  19. This tablescape is so pretty. I have a Rosemary’s plant. I need to incorporate it into more decor.

  20. Claudia Krusch says

    This is a fantastic centerpiece for my fall table. I am always looking for cost effective ways to decorate my home.

  21. I’m loving your centerpiece! I do need to break out the Fall decorations soon. I could probably use a few new things too.

  22. Wow! You are so creative. All of these sets are beautiful! These are a must try for the next time I am hosting a party.

  23. Victoria Heckstall says

    This is such a beautiful table set up. I really like the flower arrangement and the whole settings.

  24. Your autumn tablescape looks really gorgeous! I too, try to reuse decorative items that I have on hand for creating different seasonal tablescapes.

  25. That looks beautiful! I wish I am as creative and artistic as you are.

  26. This is a beautiful autum table scape! I love the theme, so comforting!

  27. Alli, I love your beautiful fall tablescape & cant believe you didn’t have to buy anything! The plates are gorgeous!

  28. Wow! So beautiful table! I love it.

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