Blogging 101 – Are You Stealing Photos?

A while back, I shared a post on How to Blog Like A Pro in my Blogging 101 series. One of the points I shared is, “Never post a picture on your blog that you do not have permission to use.”  I felt like I needed to add to that info and that’s why I’m sharing Blogging […]

Photo Tips and Throwback Thursday

Welcome to this week’s Throwback Thursday!  Today is the day that we bring back an older post and make it brand spanking new again. Tammy from Deja Vue Designs is this week’s co-host. We have lots of great features from last week. Things may seem a bit different this week…Denyse was called away on an […]

10 Secrets to Looking Great in Photos

Are you photogenic or are you always hiding behind the camera (like I used to do)?  Do you want to know the secrets to looking great in pictures?  Of course you do!  Want to look younger, slimmer, more natural?  Then you’ve come to the right place, baby! (OMG – I sound like an Infomercial!) My […]

Wedding Photos & Tips (Part 2)

Today I’m sharing bridal portraits from the portfolio of Caitlin Smith Photography.  There will be a wedding tip at the end of the post.  Enjoy!   Wedding Tip #2 – Can’t find a reception venue at a reasonable price?  Check out your local college.  We held daughter #2’s reception for 250 people at the college […]

April – A Month of Wedding Photos & Tips (Part 1)

I hear those church bells ringing Will you marry me Will you carry me Across the threshold tenderly ~ Irwin Levine This month is all about weddings!  I will be sharing some stunning photos from the portfolio of Caitlin Smith Photography (aka daughter #3) and some wedding tips. Come along and enjoy the trip as we […]