10 Things That Make You Unhappy

by Alli

Hit or Miss Wednesday is a little, OK , a lot different today!  It’s not a recipe or a project!  It’s all about something I read on twitter.  Was the article I read on twitter a hit or miss?

I’ve been trying to get more into twitter because, frankly, it’s just not my first choice for social media.  So, I made myself scroll through my timeline the other day and I actually saw a few articles that I was interested in.  And if you want to follow me on twitter, you can do so here!  (What a shameless plug for my blog!)

As we all know, interesting headlines are what draw us into reading an article.  If the headline doesn’t grab us, we tend to walk on by.

When I saw a heading entitled 10 Things That Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Unhappy, I had to see what it was all about because I’m a happy person and  Don’t worry, Be happy is my motto!

Of course, I had to shorten the headline to 10 Things That Make You Unhappy!

Ten Things That Make You Unhappy

I’m not going to weigh in on every one of these statements, just three.  Here’s my take!


There  was a study done at the University of Michigan that found a direct correlation between time spent on social media sites and feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness and isolation.

My take:  Get a life!  The only way I can see Facebook making me unhappy is if you unsubscribed to my page!  Yep, that would do it.  And we all have those friends that we threaten to hide because of all their drama!  I mean, really, sometimes I blush because of TMI.  As my daughter, Caitlin, says, “Face your problems, don’t facebook them.”  Wise girl.  I was taught the difference between those things we talk about in public and things that should be kept private.  Enough said.

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Too Much Money

I have to vehemently disagree.  Money is not evil.  I’ve never had a dollar bill try to hurt me, hold me at gun point or kidnap me.  It’s the love of money that corrupts people.  Money is neutral.  It has no feelings.  I will volunteer to be a part of a study if they would give me too much money and see if it would make me unhappy.

Living at High Altitude

I don’t live in a high altitude, so basically I should leave this alone.  Never!  My sister lives in Colorado and I’ve visited enough to make myself a self appointed expert.

I have to somewhat agree with this one.  Every time I visit Colorado, I struggle with walking up a flight of stairs.  My sister laughs at me because she has lived there almost 30 years!  Come back home, Melinda!  🙂  She’s acclimated (I would hope so!) and it doesn’t bother her a bit.  And she’s very happy!  So I say hit and Melinda says miss on this one!

On a  serious note (and I hope you’ve read my blog long enough to know that I’m rarely serious), this article is neither a hit or a miss.  It’s neutral.  Just like money!

It’s your turn!  You are invited to weigh in on any of these statements, mine included!  Do you agree with the 10 things that make you unhappy?

Don't Worry