23 Bunny Treats Perfect for Easter Lunch, Brunch or Party

by Alli

If you’re looking for the perfect treat for Easter, no worries. I have 23 Bunny Treats that I know you’ll love. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which treats to make for your family and friends.

23 Bunny Treats Perfect for Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy celebrating with my family at church. Then we head home for Easter lunch. All the family comes over and we enjoy a scrumptious meal, an egg hunt, and each other’s company.

I once had a friend ask me why the bunny rabbit was a symbol of Easter. According to History.com, “According to some sources, the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” Their children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs.”

23 Bunny Treats

I had never thought about the cute little bunny rabbit because he has always been a part of our Easter tradition. Of course, I taught my children the real meaning of Easter.

Pineapple-Peach Glazed Ham is always on the Easter menu. My kids would disown me if I didn’t include a baked ham.

Hormel Cure 81 Cherrywood Ham & Southern Pineapple Casserole

Waldorf Salad always makes an appearance as well. Find my entire Easter menu and recipes here.

Waldorf Salad

Of course, my favorite part of the meal is dessert! It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting brunch, lunch or an afternoon Easter Party, I’ve got you covered with 23 Bunny Treats – perfect for brunch, lunch or an afternoon party.

23 Bunny Treats

  1. Deviled Egg Bunny Feet
  2. Bunny Face Pancake
  3. Adorable Bunny Cupcakes
  4. Bunny Pretzel Bites
  5. Cheesy Bunny Biscuits
  6. Reese’s Cup Bunny Cupcakes
  7. White Bunny Truffles
  8. Marshmallow Bunny Paws
  9. Bunny Butt Cookies
  10. Bunny Surprise Pound Cake
  11. Confetti Coconut Bunny Cake
  12. Bunny Bum Snowball Cupcakes
  13. Cheesy Bunny Crackers
  14. Buttery Bunny Rolls
  15. Bunny Macaroons
  16. Bunny Sugar Cookies
  17. Bunny dinner Breadstick
  18. Mini Bunny Cakes
  19. Chocolate Bunny Eggs
  20. Oreo Bunny Butts
  21. Bunny Deviled Eggs
  22. Peanut Butter Bunny Cookies
  23. Bunny Puff Pastry Tart

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