5 Tips for a Beautiful Green Lawn

by Alli

Do you dream of a beautiful green lawn?

It’s that time again. Time to get the lawn mower tuned up and ready to ride. Let the lawn mowing begin!

Here in the south, our lawn has already been mowed many times and summer doesn’t officially begin until June 20th.

There’s nothing I love better than the smell of freshly mowed grass and having a beautiful, green lawn. It doesn’t happen automatically. I live in what is called the sand hills, so it takes even more effort.

Here are 5 Tips for a Beautiful Green Lawn.

5 Tips for a Beautiful Green Lawn

5 Tips for a Beautiful, Green Lawn

1. Test Your Soil

This will help determine if your soil is lacking any necessary nutrients for a green lawn. Depending on your soil needs, you may be able to correct problems with fertilizers, which release nutrients over a period of time.

When I was a kid in 4-H, I learned how to do a soil sample. It’s actually easy. If a kid can do it . . .

Helpful Hint: Your local Cooperative Extension office can test your soil sample for pH and nutrient levels (some states charge a small fee).

2. Choose Grass that Works Best in Your Area

Whether you buy grass seeds or splurge on sod, pick a grass that grows well in your area. Bermuda and Zoysia are good grasses for my area. Do you know which type grass grows best in your area?

Laying Sod - 5 Tips for a Beautiful Green Lawn

3. Mow Higher

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Never mow your grass with the thought that you’re going to mow it as short as possible so you won’t have to mow as often. Wrong! Taller grass looks better, has deeper roots and doesn’t need as much water. Scalped grass is more likely to turn brown. Never mow grass less than 3-3/12 inches.

How to Mow Your Lawn - 5 Tips For a Beautiful Green Lawn

Helpful Hint:  Keep the blades of your lawn mower sharp. Dull blades tear rather than cut. This stresses the grass and causes it to be more prone to disease.

4.  Fertilize at the Right Time

If you live in a cooler climate, you should usually fertilize in the fall. Late spring is the time to fertilize if you live in a warm climate like I do.  Remember that more isn’t always better. Be sure and follow the instructions on the fertilizer bag.

Helpful Hint:  Try to aerate your lawn in the spring and fall. Aerating makes small holes in the surface of the lawn. This allows water, air and nutrients to reach the roots.

5.  Don’t Forget to Water the Lawn

It’s best to water deeply 2 times a week instead of watering daily. Water in the mornings, around the same time. Consider adding a sprinkler system instead of watering with a hose. You end up using less water when you have a system on a timer. You can also add a rain sensor to your sprinkler system. It lets your system know to stop watering when it’s raining.

5 Tips for a Beautiful Green Lawn

What’s your tips for having a beautiful green lawn?

Don’t forget to get your front porch ready for spring!


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