Best Coffee Grinders for Home Use

by Alli

Are you a coffee lover? Do you grind your own coffee? I’ve found the best coffee grinders for home use.

If you are a coffee lover, you can surely understand the art of making a perfect cup of coffee. Serious coffee making is a process that starts with grinding before brewing.

These days, coffee manufacturing companies have already ground those coffee beans and packed them in some really beautiful wrappers. People are usually attracted to the packaging and as a result, they stop buying coffee beans. Very few people use coffee grinders.

Coffee Grinders

When you buy ground coffee, you must remember that this coffee was ground several months ago and it does not have the same taste as freshly ground coffee beans.

Some people prefer to have a cup of coffee from coffee bars and the only reason behind this is that in those bars they grind the coffee beans at the same time when you order and some bars even roast those beans at the same time.

In the past, they had coffee grinders which require manpower to grind coffee beans. There are now modern coffee grinders which does not consume any energy and time to grind the beans.

The most common and famous type of grinders which are used is the Burr Coffee Grinders. The main advantage for using these types of grinders is that they will give you a very smooth and refreshing coffee powder so you can extract flavour from each and every particle of the coffee bean.

There are many Best Coffee Burr Grinders which works on the electrical motors with the electronically controlled unit. The advantage of this unit is that you can control the speed of the motor and can get the type of coffee you prefer.

The most popular coffee type in the United States is Espresso.  People like this type because it is thicker than other types of coffees. To make a perfect espresso it is necessary to have finely grounded coffee powder and it is only possible with the burr grinders unlike other types of Coffee Grinders.

Coffee Grinder

Best Coffee Grinders for Home Use

Basically, there are two different types of Burr grinders which you can find in the market – conical and wheel burr grinders. If you’re trying to save money, wheel grinders may be best for you. There is one drawback to this kind of coffee grinder. Its wheel rotates in a much faster rotation and as a result, the coffee beans do not ground accurately and you will have a bitter taste in your coffee. Conical Burr Grinders are rather expensive but they are the Best Coffee Burr Grinders to be used in your homes.

The conical type of coffee burr grinder works similar to the wheel burr grinder but it is made in such a shape that not even a single particle of coffee bean is left as it is, as a result you get the perfect Espresso coffee with the perfect aroma.

Do you grind your own coffee?


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