Blogging Makes You Fat

by Alli

Catchy title, huh?  I probably should have called this post Food Blogging Makes You Fat.  But then, you probably wouldn’t have clicked my link.  Titles do matter, right?

I swear I’ve gained weight since I began blogging.  I mean, I’m not about to share a recipe without making it again (even if it’s a tried and true been-in-the-family-for-decades recipe) because I have to make sure it’s as tasty as I remember AND I must take photos.

For a while my husband was my taste tester.  But he’s not usually home during peak photography hours.  Yes, there are peak hours (at least for me).  I much prefer natural light and that requires Max and me to set up our photo props outside.

I’m convinced my neighbors think I’m crazy when they ride by and I’ve got a full-on party happening on my front porch.  It has the very best light.  There’s just the right amount of shade around 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM (at different places on said porch.)

Who’s Max?  He thinks he’s my photography assistant.  He tries to sniff the food AND licks my heels while I’m setting up my food/party photo sessions.  He has a heel fetish, what can I say?  Oh, you want to see a photo?  Here you go!

Blogging Makes You Fat

I’m convinced that beauty and fashion bloggers are exempt from weight gain.  Case in point: You can’t eat makeup and fashion bloggers usually have to actually appear in their photos.  Maybe I’m in the wrong blogging niche.  I know and love makeup and fashion, but do I actually love it enough to blog about it all the time?  No.  I’ll leave that to the experts.

Alas, my shorts and capris are tighter than they were last year.  (Could it be the dryer, maybe?)  So I’m on a quest to lose those extra lbs. that have crept up on me while my back was turned styling, coaxing and spritzing that lettuce leaf so it looks appetizing instead of limp and lifeless.

And to all of you who keep asking if my daughter (for-real photographer) takes my pictures:  No, she does not.  For better or worse, I shoot all my own photos.  I forget to watermark them most of the time.  I’m to the point where I don’t really care if someone lifts them. 🙂

For now, the dirty dishes are calling my name.  I just finished 2 back-to-back food photo shoots and my kitchen looks like someone broke in with the crazy notion that I had a stash of diamonds hidden somewhere among my pots and pans.  As I staggered in the front door with my hands full of food and props, was a thief rushing out the back? Is that a wilted spinach leaf I see stuck to the floor?

I’m off to clean the kitchen and work-out.  It’s almost swimsuit season (barf!) and I need to tone up a bit and lose a few lbs.

PS – Max, I love you, but I need a real assistant, a clean-up crew and a food taster.  Any takers?

Have you gained weight since you started blogging?  Your secret’s safe with me (and everyone who reads this).  If not (I’m so jealous!), please share your secrets for staying slim and trim while taste testing all your scrumptious food!