Blogging Makes You Fat

Catchy title, huh?  I probably should have called this post Food Blogging Makes You Fat.  But then, you probably wouldn’t have clicked my link.  Titles do matter, right?

I swear I’ve gained weight since I began blogging.  I mean, I’m not about to share a recipe without making it again (even if it’s a tried and true been-in-the-family-for-decades recipe) because I have to make sure it’s as tasty as I remember AND I must take photos.

Blogging Makes You Fat

For a while my husband was my taste tester.  But he’s not usually home during peak photography hours.  Yes, there are peak hours (at least for me).  I much prefer natural light and that requires Max and me to set up our photo props outside.

I’m convinced my neighbors think I’m crazy when they ride by and I’ve got a full-on party happening on my front porch.  It has the very best light.  There’s just the right amount of shade around 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM (at different places on said porch.)

Who’s Max?  He thinks he’s my photography assistant.  He tries to sniff the food AND licks my heels while I’m setting up my food/party photo sessions.  He has a heel fetish, what can I say?  Oh, you want to see a photo?  Here you go!

Blogging Makes You Fat

I’m convinced that beauty and fashion bloggers are exempt from weight gain.  Case in point: You can’t eat makeup and fashion bloggers usually have to actually appear in their photos.  Maybe I’m in the wrong blogging niche.  I know and love makeup and fashion, but do I actually love it enough to blog about it all the time?  No.  I’ll leave that to the experts.

Alas, my shorts and capris are tighter than they were last year.  (Could it be the dryer, maybe?)  So I’m on a quest to lose those extra lbs. that have crept up on me while my back was turned styling, coaxing and spritzing that lettuce leaf so it looks appetizing instead of limp and lifeless.

And to all of you who keep asking if my daughter (for-real photographer) takes my pictures:  No, she does not.  For better or worse, I shoot all my own photos.  I forget to watermark them most of the time.  I’m to the point where I don’t really care if someone lifts them. 🙂

For now, the dirty dishes are calling my name.  I just finished 2 back-to-back food photo shoots and my kitchen looks like someone broke in with the crazy notion that I had a stash of diamonds hidden somewhere among my pots and pans.  As I staggered in the front door with my hands full of food and props, was a thief rushing out the back? Is that a wilted spinach leaf I see stuck to the floor?

I’m off to clean the kitchen and work-out.  It’s almost swimsuit season (barf!) and I need to tone up a bit and lose a few lbs.

PS – Max, I love you, but I need a real assistant, a clean-up crew and a food taster.  Any takers?

Have you gained weight since you started blogging?  Your secret’s safe with me (and everyone who reads this).  If not (I’m so jealous!), please share your secrets for staying slim and trim while taste testing all your scrumptious food!



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  1. I’ve totally gained weight! I think my weight gain is because I sit around more! That and how I treat myself to a little coffee and a “few” cookies while I work.

  2. Blogging hasn’t made me gain weight, but my kids have! I’m on a mission after baby two to trim back down to the jeans I wore when we got married!

  3. I’m definitely not a food blogger, so that’s not an issue. But having a firm hold in the “fitness blogger” niche when I can’t seem to manage hitting just 3 runs in one week causes a little head-hanging sometimes! I’d much rather focus on the family fun part of my blog!

  4. Ha! I eat so much while I am testing and shooting recipes it is ridiculous!

  5. Love the catchy title, it did it’s job! I totally understand what the kitchen looks like after all that cooking too.
    Yes, blogging can put weight on you, not just the food sampling but all that sitting down in front of the computer interferes with physical activity too!
    Max is beautiful. I’m a fan of big dogs.

    • Max is a big ole’ puppy. At least he thinks he is! He’s 14 months old and sometimes he accidentally knocks the small grandkids over. They just roll and tumble with him. I tell everyone he’s our watchdog, but I don’t know if he would hurt a flea. 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, Alli, not only did your title (not to mention the cute graphic) make me laugh out loud, I’m shaking my head because for me it’s totally TRUE! Sometimes, I feel like I’ve been slowly falling apart since I started blogging and it seems to be picking up steam, fast. I’ve definitely packed on unwanted pounds, from eating and sitting all day at work and all night at the computer. I feel a tiny bit better to know it’s just me! Hubby & I are heading for a much needed vacation next week and I intent to walk, a lot, and think about how to get back on track. Thanks for the fabulous post and have a great day!

    • Yes, I’ve been putting things off until tomorrow for so long and now tomorrow is here! 🙁 Have a great time on your vacation next week with the hubby. You deserve a break!

  7. Hahah, this post was hilarious. #foodbloggerproblems right? I have been wanting to write a post about how I don’t get fat from food blogging! I definitely make my share of over-the-top desserts, but I try to focus more on sharing healthy recipes or ways to make our favorites a little better for us. For example, I recently shared a pancake recipe using coconut flour. It was so yummy and way healthier!

    • I’ve been trying to cut calories/fat in my recipes, too, but sometimes . . . go ahead and write that post. It will help me bunches!

  8. Now, I don’t post on my blog very often, but I certainly do read a bunch of blogs – THAT will put the weight on too cuz I just can’t sit here reading about beautiful quilts and yummy food and not work on my hand to mouth routine, right?? I got a Fitbit and that reminds me to move more and drink more water! It helps, but I still want to sit and eat!!!

    • The battery in my Fitbit died. I need to replace it and start wearing it again. All it did was frown at me last time I wore it. 🙂

  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    Haha, I love the title because it’s totally true! Being sedentary at my laptop and baking cakes for the blog hasn’t left me looking trim!

  10. No, I am just naturally this fluffy! HA! I am hoping to shed some weight this spring/summer as well. I seem to always pack it on in the winter months, perhaps because I quit my routine because I hate cold weather and prefer to workout outdoors. (I need a new plan next winter, not to self) I love looking at all the food blogs, but thankfully we are at a safe distance (that computer screen is a really good barricade). So far, for the most part, most of my food blog moments have been healthy ones. 😉

  11. I enjoyed reading this post, Alli. If you have time in the future, would you be nice enough to do a post about BTS or something of how food bloggers do it? I was trying to picture your kitchen and how you shoot in natural light ( which I also love to do ) and then there’s Max thinking that he is your ever-devoted assistant. Blogging is so much fun ain’t it?

  12. I have actually lost allot of weight blogging.. i think it makes my mind not think about food while i am writing.

  13. OMG I can so relate!! I’ve been trying to get back into shape but it’s so hard when my site focuses on home cooking and desserts!! LOL I’m going to have to try doing some lighter recipes to even it all out! haha

    • I’ve been trying to cook lighter fare, too. I don’t know if I’ve evened things out yet. From the looks of my waist, the answer would be a big fat NO! 🙂

  14. When I saw your title and graphic on Facebook I laughed out loud! Not only the food tasting but sitting in front of a computer doesn’t help either. We need one of those treadmill desks! i keep seeing them pop up and that sounds like the perfect solution to me 🙂

    • I’m leaning more and more towards a stand-up or treadmill desk! It’s all the sitting . . . and the tasting. It’s doing me in!

  15. Not a single pound! My secret? I lie to myself! I am trying to do better about staying active and now that the snow is gone it should help.

  16. Thankfully I have not gained weght since I started blogging, however, I do get hungry while I’m reading all of these delicious food and dessert posts!

  17. I don’t even want to talk about the weight I’ve gained…but I wouldn’t say mine’s from blogging LOL It does make me feel better to know that your kitchen looks like a wreck after you finish food prep and photography, though! I hate the cleanup after all that…and I LOVE to clean! LOL

    • I didn’t think my kitchen would ever be the same after preparing for 2 photo shoots for sponsored posts. I would have died on the spot if someone would have stopped by.

  18. Well, I’m not a food blogger and have only been at my blog for a month or so but I can tell you one thing: Blogging makes me hungry! LOL. So I can definitely see this being a problem for me. Thanks for sharing a great post!

  19. YES!!!! I always think this. I give away so many sweet treats and then I also throw a lot away! It is funny because when my family sees a REALLY nice and unique meal prepared, they look at me and ask ‘Is this for a post?’ Yep, it is!

  20. I’m not a food blogger but still have gained weight blogging due to having food around while I’m writing my blog posts.

  21. My weight has been up and down but my health problems and food blogging doesn’t make it any easier!!

  22. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Haha, yes it does. I am always getting invited to events with these amazing spreads and I have to eat because it would be rude not to, right?

  23. Oh my God, it’s SO true! Blogging is a great way to gain weight! It involves tons of sitting and tons of food. =(

  24. Logging on to Pinterest to check my blogging stats is the worst! Have you seen the fabulous food on Pinterest? My backside gets wider every time I get on there!

    Oh well… I’m off to eat cookie!

  25. Max is a really handsome assistant – He looks slim – compared to what happens to me when I just look at food! Those guys stay slim longer – and yes just sitting at my desk blogging can add inches – so I am back to blogging – oops I mean jogging and walking everyday! lol

  26. You crack me up Alli!! Totally true! I always make sure my husband will be around to help “clean up” – and I try to stay away from too many sweets but i do have a Coconut Cake post coming up… DANGER!

    • Coconut cake is one of my fave cakes! My husband doesn’t like it as much, so I would have to give it away after eating a really large slice. 🙂

  27. There are always at least 3 different recipes from blogs I want to try each day. A lot of times they aren’t the healthiest either. It’s definitely a factor!

  28. The title definitely is very catchy. I don’t think blogging has made me gain any weight. I just have to be careful what I eat and make sure to exercise daily. I do have some recipes on my blog too. I usually share the food with friends and family. That way I’m not eating it all. Just a taste usually.

  29. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I can imagine all the great dishes you get to try. I would want to try everything if i was a food blogger.

  30. Alli,
    I’ve gained a ton of weight since I started blogging but it may be due to my age (which I won’t disclose). I love Max! He’s adorable.

  31. Very catchy title indeed! lol! I;ve been blogging for three years and I’m happy to say I haven’t gained any weight because of it! 😉

  32. CourtneyLynne says

    its true!!!! Blogging does make you fat lol…. I was always stick thin growing up…. The girl that was too thin and couldn’t gain a lb if you paid her! Over the years and having a baby I did put on afew lbs… But I was still pretty skinny and wearing a size 0. Then I started blogging my recipes and bam! I guess this whole time I just had to start blogging and talking food all day lol….

    • It IS true! Seems like we are all around food all the time! I’m really trying to lose those extra lbs. now that spring is here.
      PS – I’ve never been a size 0 in my life! Put a 1 in front of it! 🙂

  33. This sounds as great! I love the title I was like, say wha? It caught my attention! Max is beautiful. Reminds me of my dogs as a girl. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Jeanine! We sure do love him! I figured the title would make people look! I’m trying to have more catchy titles. 🙂

  34. I usually make most of my recipes on the weekends, when my husband and kiddos are there to eat it. Why oh why are the desserts the most popular posts?

  35. I can understand the weight gain, to make food super yummy and good it usually isn’t too good on the calories either!

  36. OK, first of all, this was hilarious and totally made me feel better about myself. I know I’ve gained weight since starting my blog, and it’s not even a food blog! It may have something to do with all the coffee I drink while at my desk. And we all know coffee is better with a little something sweet, right? And secondly, I blame the dryer!

  37. Food blogging isn’t my main niche, but I’ll admit that I have struggled with my weight off and on throughout my years of blogging. I’m on the quest of shedding those pesky pounds, especially since I’ll be turning 30 soon!

    • I think it’s really because writers sit most of the time. I would love to try one of those stand-up desks just to get the feel of it.

  38. I would love to blame food bloggers for making me fat! They post all these delicious things, add them to Pinterest, and all of a sudden I’m buying groceries at midnight so I can start the crock pot for the next day LOL.

  39. I love your photography assistant, Max seem like a pro actually lol. I buy nuts for my snack in my desk while I blog and also when I do the bloghop, I sometimes alternate it with some planking so I am not sitting all the time.

    • Great ideas! I wrote a post a while back on how I try to get up every 30 minutes and do some squats, etc. I think I need to increase!

  40. michele d says

    Oh I agree! As bloggers we do spend many hours sitting. I have gained a few pounds myself. Ugh! lol

  41. I don’t think blogging made me fat until I got into the food blogging. And I am sure that is also due in part to having a lot less activity than I used to since I am using sitting at a computer, standing in the kitchen, or playing with the camera.

  42. I’m not a food blogger, but I’ve definitely gained and retained more weight since I started blogging. I’ve been working on getting more active and sitting down less. Cute assistant you have there!

  43. I think I may have gained more weight since I started blogging! I sure would like to blame those delicious foodie and recipe posts for encouraging me to cook more and eat! LOL!

  44. I totally can relate sometimes. I make a LOT more treats now and have a lot more parties nowadays! That is funny. 🙂

  45. LOL at your description of Max. There are not many photography assistants willing to lick your food, lemme tell ya! hahaha 🙂

  46. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    I’ve definitely have gained weight since blogging but I know that’s not the only reason why I have gained. Sitting a lot during the day on the computer hasn’t helped me much.

  47. I have the same problem. Eating all the yummies that I make. Then I sit and write so I can definitely relate. And I wish I had an assistant too.

  48. You need a food taster? Count me in! 🙂 I’ve been trying to gain a little weight but still no success on that part. I’m still the skinny me after all these years of blogging. LOL.

  49. Hahaha titles do matter big time it really reeled me in lol but it’s so true food bloggers are usually the ones that put on wait than other niches but then again I love my food lol

  50. So very true! I’ve definitely gained weight since I started blogging. Coincidence? I think not. Especially when you are trying to get a recipe just right–you have to make it several times. Who cares if its a not so healthy dessert! Just wanted you to know that I’m including this post in My Favorite Things roundup tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  51. Oh I could CERTAINLY see this as being a problem for so many, and I have heard of it happening too! For me, I don’t have the issue because #1 I have a lot of food allergies & #2 I know what works for me & #3 I have loads of will power. Just looking at beautiful food photos is enough for me 😉

  52. This post made me laugh out loud. I just found your blog and love it! Blogging as TOTALLY MADE ME FAT. Instead of working out, preparing healthier meals and generally MOVING, all I do is sit sit sit!

    I can’t even imagine being a food blogger I would literally die…how do you do it!

    And yes, I will be a taste tester!!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

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