DIY Duck Tape Beach Bag

by Alli

I promised my daughters that I wouldn’t post anything food related on the blog this week for my hit or miss Wednesday, so I checked my notes on my phone to see what ideas I had jotted down and the first one I saw was the DIY Duck Tape Beach Bag.

FYI:  Duct Tape was originally called duck tape when it was first invented during Word War II when the U.S. military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases.  After the war, someone discovered that duck tape was a great way to join the duct work in heating and air conditioning, thus the name duct tape.  These days, duck tape is the largest brand of duct/duck tape.

I realize that this is not a new concept, but it’s new to me.  And I have to tell you that once I made the first one, I was hooked.  (My family used the word obsessed, but I think it’s a tad too strong).

All you need is duck tape (duh!), a white trash bag, scissors, a sharpie and a yard stick or tape measure.  Oh, and this tutorial.  It really is easy and you can get very elaborate, but I like quick and easy and it’s just a beach bag.  I wouldn’t carry it to a black tie event or anything.

DIY Beach Bag

My daughter happened to be at Dollar General and she picked up the duck tape that I used for the first two bags.  They didn’t have a very good selection, but the duck tape was cheap.

DIY Beach Bag

DIY Beach Bag

DIY Beach Bag

Then, while I was in Hobby Lobby I found duck tape that I knew my grandsons would love, so I grabbed it.  But it was twice the price as Dollar General.  I did use a coupon for one roll.

OK – making  a beach bag for a boy can be pretty tricky, but I call them messenger bags (yes, I bought each grandson a messenger bag as soon as he could walk) so it wouldn’t sound all girly to them.  And for the youngest three, I used gallon sized Ziplock bags and they were even easier to make.

Duck Tape Messenger Bag


Duck Tape Beach Bag


DIY Duck Tape Messenger Bag

And because I had tape left over (no, I’m not obsessed) I went crazy and made them waterproof wallets out of Ziplock snack bags!  I didn’t even need a tutorial for the messenger bags or wallets because I was on a roll!

DIY Duck Tape Waterproof Wallet

The boys went crazy over their messenger/beach bags and wallets.  I even let the older ones cut the tape as I went along.

They begged to take them to church on Sunday instead of their regular messenger bags to hold their Bibles, wallets, etc.  Of course I said yes!  Right before church, Logan (next to oldest) ran into my office giving me orders from some of the kids at church!  They all wanted one!

Then, my youngest daughter hinted that she wanted a small one for her sunscreen, phone and wallet, so back to work I went!  I made her a small cross-body bag with a quart sized insert for her phone and wallet.

DIY Beach Bag


Gosh, what else can I make with duck tape?  A Maxi?  Sandals?  A car?  The sky’s the limit!  And I need to make a run for more duck tape!