Easter Candy Buffet

I remember, as a child, going downtown with my parents and walking into Nance’s Five and Ten store.  I recall entering through the huge door with the big glass insert and stepping onto the old hardwood floors that creaked and groaned as I walked to the main attraction – the penny candy display.  I can recollect the clerk reaching for that small, brown paper bag and filling it up with whatever candies I pointed out to her.  If I close my eyes really tight, I can still sniff the delightful smells of that old store.

Sadly, that store has been closed for quite a while, but every time I visit my mom and dad in my hometown, my mind is flooded with the wonderful memories of an idyllic childhood lived in a perfect (in my opinion) small town.

All of that reminiscing led me to create an Easter candy buffet for my grand sons instead of making them an Easter basket.


I’ll let them enjoy a few treats and provide candy bags so that they can take some home for later. (Note:  They aren’t normally allowed too much candy, but, hey, it’s Easter, right?)

Have you ever put together a candy buffet for a special occasion?  If so, then you know that the cost of candy and the display jars can be astronomical.  And because I’m a shopping pro, (you can find my shopping steals and deals here) I decided to see how cheaply I could put it together.

Easter Candy Buffet





Here goes!

1.  Choose your serving table.

Will you use a square, round,  or rectangle table?  Most candy buffets are set up on large rectangular tables with elaborate backdrops, especially when the event is large (like a wedding reception) but, because my Easter candy buffet is on a much smaller scale, I decided to display my candy on a small round table.  You do know that I’m a rebel with a cause, right?  Find it here!  Plus, I only have four grandchildren, so I really don’t need an excessive amount of candy.

2.  Estimate how many containers you will need.

This is easily done by using different size bowls, etc. from your kitchen to play around with the placement on your table to see how many containers you will need.  Be careful not to overcrowd.

3.  Gather your containers and scoops.

Containers need to be see through, because the candy is the star of this show.  Make sure the opening of the jar is large enough to get a hand, holding a scoop, down into the jar.

Containers can be expensive! I scouted my kitchen first and then  bought what containers I needed at The Dollar Tree and they are just as pretty as any of those costly containers I’ve seen online.  Don’t hesitate to look at vases, triffle dishes, wine glasses, etc.

If candy is individually wrapped, there is no need for a lid.  For the short zone (we will get to that later) pretty trays and tongs can be used.

4.  Order your candy.

You will need about one lb. of candy for every 2-3 guests.  Do you want all of your candy to be one color?  Or do you want it all to be chocolate?  Do you want to include nuts and dried fruit?  The average assortment of candy depends on how large the candy buffet is.  I say:  Have at least 5 different kinds.

5.  Design your table.

You will need a pretty table cover to match your theme.  I just so happened to have a purple tablecloth on hand, so I used  it.  To add texture, layer with overlays and/or a table runner.

When using a round table, the tallest glass jar goes in the middle of the table (or you could use a tall centerpiece).  That is zone one.  Medium size jars are placed around the centerpiece and that is zone 2.  Zone 3 completes the table and is, of course, the shortest jars or trays lining the outside perimeter.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up.  The jars don’t have to be the same height or shape.  Just make sure the tallest is in the middle and work your way down to the shortest.  Also, make sure that the candy is reachable and that the table is not too cluttered.  Simple, neat and clean lines is always my motto.

If you are using a square or rectangle table, the tallest jars go in the back, the medium sized jars in the middle and the short jars/trays out front.

Now it’s time to embellish your jars with ribbons, etc.  If your table is going to be up against a wall (mine isn’t) use a colorful backdrop to continue to carry out your theme.  (Pinterest has great backdrop ideas.)

That’s it!  Wasn’t that easy?

Note:  There are plenty of places online to order candy:  Candy Warehouse, Old Time Candy, Old Fashioned Candy, Oriental Trading.  And the list goes on!

My ribbon and Easter garland came from Hobby Lobby.  Some of my candy was ordered online, some of it came from Sam’s and the bulk of it came from The Dollar Tree.  I had to make myself stop buying candy!

What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Easter Candy Buffet




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  1. First off, I LOVE the candy table, it is really pretty and enticing!
    Second, you have won the Grandma of the year award!
    I love being able to spoil the grand’s and let them go back home all sugared up, with my kisses and the candy too! Your grandchildren look really nice and quite interested in all that candy. I saw those little ‘coke’ wax bottles, brings back memories 🙂
    Shirley Wood recently posted…2 Vidalia Onion Favorite RecipesMy Profile

  2. It was a beautiful display and the boys loved it. It was so enticing for the little ones. They kept going back for more. Lol Great job, Mom!

  3. That’s so adorable, what a great idea!
    Adrianne recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Classic Stamped Mommy Necklace (Video Tutorial)My Profile

  4. Cindy Trobaugh says

    Thank-You! I’am planning on doing the same for My Grandchildren instead of Baskets,You gave Me some great ideas!
    The Dollar Tree is My go to also and Thanks for taking Me back to My Favorite Five and Dime 🙂

    • We had our Easter celebration with the grands yesterday because we take turns with the other set of grandparents for holidays and this Easter is their turn! You should have heard the grands when they walked in after church and saw the buffet. Just the looks on their little faces told me I had scored with them! 🙂

  5. Who wouldn’t love a candy buffet?!?
    Kim @ seven thirty three recently posted…Smarty Pants Graduation CardMy Profile

  6. This is awesome! You have some serious skill & talent.

    • Thanks, Misty! That’s so sweet! I have a slightly smaller scale set up on the island in the church’s kitchen for all the church kids (big and small). 🙂

  7. Alli,

    What a beautiful candy buffet!!! You are so creative. I have no grands and just one grown son, so no candy buffet, but I will store this in my memory for the future!
    p.s. LOVE those redheads!!!
    Kathleen recently posted…The house, and how it’s coming along.My Profile

  8. The candy table reminds me of my youth! Now, I want to run out and buy some jelly beans! Your children are adorable! Have a great day, love!
    Tiff Hill recently posted…A Portion of East Fairmount Park #FairmountParkMy Profile

  9. What a cute idea. I love the idea of sharing a piece of your childhood with your grand-kids.
    Amanda @ Assignment Amanda recently posted…Goal OrientedMy Profile

  10. Oh, how fun! You can’t go wrong with candy, for sure! I love the “design” of the buffet, great ideas!
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…Inspirational Easter Printables – FREE!My Profile

  11. What a cute idea!

  12. Truly awesome idea! Is it sad that I wish I could have one just for me? 🙂
    FabEllis recently posted…Fashion | Pardon My FroMy Profile

  13. I love the candy table.. I have never had a party with one BUT I’ve been to one w one and they are awesome and so pretty!

  14. I just love your ideas! So creative and great pictures! pinning!
    nadeen recently posted…Vacation Getaway Ideas from Travel Bloggers!My Profile

  15. Beautiful just beautiful! (not sure about the taste, I do not like candy, so thankful it is not for me ;)). But boy does it look good. And those boys look very happy too.

  16. What a super fun idea! And quite adorable as well!
    Bonnie @ Uncommon Designs recently posted…DIY Silhouette BraceletMy Profile

  17. What a cool party! I love those little wax bottle drinks. This is a great idea.
    Angel recently posted…Turn It Up Tuesday @ Sew Crafty AngelMy Profile

  18. What a cute idea!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!
    Jess recently posted…Link Up #33My Profile

  19. What a cute idea! My grandkids would love this. In the long run it might be cheaper than baskets. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Amanda Smith recently posted…Italian Dressing MixMy Profile

    • I realized last year that they always got a basket from us, the other grandparents AND their parents – way too many baskets! I always buy them their “Easter Outfit” for church and I like to do something special for them besides just clothes. 🙂

  20. I love rock candy suckers! The table looks great. I remember candy stores and visiting with my parents as a kid too. I love all the colors!
    Becka recently posted…Teachers Change Lives – Office Depot and Adopt-A-ClassroomMy Profile

  21. Wow! I bet they thought they were in heaven. What a wonderful grandma! I love the red hair!
    Tammy @ creativekkids recently posted…Tasty Tuesdays: Vegan Beans from Around the World Review and #Giveaway with #linkyMy Profile

  22. Stop spoiling the grankiddos, Alli! But I agree, hey, it is Easter! I have never put together a candy buffet before. Sorry that your favorite store is closed!
    zan recently posted…Easter Shortbread CookiesMy Profile

  23. What a great idea. I didn’t know they still made the wax candies with the juice inside. You are taking me way back.
    Nicole @MyColloegeBaby recently posted…How to Talk to Your Spouse About College PlanningMy Profile

  24. That looks so cool! Beautifully done. That table just scares me… my 2 yr old always wants to “hold the candy! hold the candy!” (in other words, completely obliterate it then bounce off the walls). Haha. I can see him attacking the table with glee.
    DIYDanielle recently posted…Review: Image3D Personalized Viewfinder and GIVEAWAY!My Profile

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