5 Ways to Stay Energized and Have a Great Day

by Alli

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How many hats do you wear in a typical day? From chauffeuring kids to school and activities, leading discussions in the boardroom, and trying to keep the household up and running, we women wear many different hats. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

How many hats do you wear in a typical day? Women are busier than ever and I have 5 tips that help me stay energized throughout the day. These tips will help you as well!

Sometimes it seems like I’m juggling way too many hats at once. My schedule often includes speaking engagements (in front of 100’s of people – yikes), hosting large and small parties, counseling couples, planning weddings and spending time with my family. Plus, I have to make time for exercise and I would love a little me time. What’s a girl to do?

If you’re always running from one appointment to the next, I have some tips and tricks to staying energized while juggling your crazy schedule. You can thank me later.

5 Ways to Stay Energized

1. A Nutritious Breakfast

Start the day off right with a protein-packed meal. Trade in those doughnuts for hard-boiled or scrambled eggs and keep the carbs at a minimum. It helps reduce hunger and keeps your energy up until lunch.

Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Don’t skip lunch either! I like to eat a big salad for lunch every day. Most leafy greens are superfoods, so eat those veggies!

2. Short Exercise Routines

I tend to get bored when I exercise for long periods of time. That’s why I have an app on my phone with 7-minute workouts. Don’t laugh! These workouts may be short, but they are effective! I do these workouts several times a day and they help me stay energized.

Stay Energized all Day Long

3. Mid-Afternoon Snack Break

An afternoon snack will help you beat those afternoon energy slumps. Again, ditch those carbs and grab the protein. My go-to mid-afternoon snack is Honest Tea® and Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef.

How I Stay Energized

Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Beef Barbeque is a better-for-you afternoon snack because it’s packed with protein and low in carbs. I also like that Lorissa’s Kitchen has a clean label featuring no preservatives or added MSG and it’s also gluten-free. The package fits in my purse and in my on-the-go busy lifestyle.

How to Stay Energized All Day Long

As a southerner, I’m all about that iced tea. Honest Tea is a tad sweet and so refreshing and pairs perfectly with Lorissa’s Kitchen premium protein snacks.

Honest Tea - Stay Energized

My favorite snacks are conveniently located at the checkout counter in my local Walmart.

Stay Energized with Honest Tea

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4.  Take it Outside

I try to spend at least 20 minutes outside every day. A quick walk in the afternoon will refresh you and you’ll soak up some Vitamin D at the same time.

When it comes to favorite places to walk, the beach wins every single time. The sunshine and the cool sea breeze is just what I need to clear my head.

Take a Walk on the Beach to Stay Energized

5. Get Enough Sleep

I’m a morning person and I’m up way before the sun. I do my best work in the early hours of the day. So, in order to stay energized, I need to sleep like a baby at night.

To ensure I get a good night’s sleep, I never take my phone or laptop into the bedroom. It’s too tempting! Also, my bed is cozy and comfortable. It’s so important to invest in a good mattress.

I incorporate all 5 of these tips to stay energized during the day. How do you stay energized?