How Long Common Foods Last Before Going Bad

by Alli

Don’t you hate it when food goes bad in the fridge, freezer or pantry? Sometimes, it’s just hard to tell how long foods last before going bad. And I hate doing the smell test when I’m a little iffy about meat that has been in the refrigerator a day too long. If it smells just slightly off, it’s out of here.

A few days ago I went through my spices and got rid of everything that had expired. I didn’t even realize the baking powder had expired. No wonder my pancakes didn’t rise like they should have last weekend. Since baking powder helps pancakes to be light and fluffy, I made sure to purchase a fresh can. I know baking powder is not a spice, but I keep it in the spice drawer.

Smells bad - How long does food items last

Whether you’re food prepping for an upcoming event, re-organizing your pantry, or doing a deep clean of your fridge and freezer, you may have wondered just how long you have before the food item goes bad. There’s sometimes a grey area on whether food is safe to eat, depending on how long it’s been sitting there!

From leafy greens to meats, to pasta, Kitchen Cabinet Kings put together a helpful guide that breaks down just how long common foods last in your pantry, fridge, or freezer. This is useful when storing things like fruits, desserts, or veggies or when buying in advance for a birthday party, a holiday, or a simple backyard get together. Clear up the confusion by checking out the infographic below. You can reduce food waste and avoid getting sick from eating spoiled foods!

How Long Common Foods Last Before Going Bad

How Long Does It Take Food to Spoil

This is such a helpful infographic to have on hand when it comes to keeping up with how long foods last before going bad. I’m thankful to Kitchen Cabinet Kings for sharing this infographic with me so I can share it with you.


Terri Steffes September 26, 2018 - 7:43 am

Fabulous infographic. Everyone should copy it and put it on the inside of the door of the cabinet closest to the refrigerator. I’m always questioning and wondering if a food is good.

candy September 26, 2018 - 8:00 am

Your chart is extremely helpful in know when foods go bad. We spend so much money on food that it is a shame to have to throw it away because we didn’t get it used up on time.

Amber Myers September 26, 2018 - 8:19 am

Good to know! Sometimes I wonder if the food has gone bad or not, so this is good to have on hand. I hate throwing things out if I don’t need to!

Melanie September 26, 2018 - 9:06 am

This infographic is very helpful. I
always hate it when fruits spoil! Although, with 4 kids in the house that is very rare!

Jeanette September 26, 2018 - 9:30 am

I am definitely going to King this post. I always have a hard time figuring out if something is good or bad. I kind of cleaned out my fridge once a week because I’m always afraid that something might not be good anymore. This definitely helps a lot.

[email protected] September 26, 2018 - 1:58 pm

Thanks for this great resource. I want to print this out so I always have it handy. I never know when something is about to go bad. This will save me tons of food and money!

Kita Bryant September 26, 2018 - 2:57 pm

This is great information for people. It can really help save a serious amount of money!

Emily September 26, 2018 - 3:54 pm

This is such great information! My husband and I constantly go around about how long food is good for. He always says it is fine no matter how long it has been in the pantry or fridge. I will definitely be sharing this with him!

Ashley September 26, 2018 - 5:06 pm

This is a great post to keep handy. I always forget!

Marysa September 26, 2018 - 7:16 pm

Some of these I have wondered about. I like to get my money’s worth out of foods. I have tried a trick where you float an egg in water to see if it is still fresh.

Nikka Shae September 26, 2018 - 7:27 pm

This is great to know as I feel like I’m always throwing out my salad. I eat a lot of salad but it seems like I can never finish it to the end.

Lisa Favre September 26, 2018 - 10:33 pm

Okay, I need to keep copies of this on my fridge. I feel like a lot of our things go bad so quickly but this may be able to help us plan our meals better.

Ricci September 27, 2018 - 1:16 am

This is such a great/helpful tool!! I feel like I left foods expire a lot because I don’t eat them fast enough. I need to quit overbuying!! Oops!!

Cathy Mini September 27, 2018 - 2:59 am

This is perfect and really brings awareness. Now I know how long does it keeps.

Catalina September 27, 2018 - 4:09 am

Wow! This is such an useful post! I need to stamp and keep some copies in my kitche for my whole family!

Trina September 27, 2018 - 12:28 pm

I just bookmarked this! My husband and I always disagree on this topic because he grew up in South America without electricity as a child and thinks food is good till something is growing on it (ickkk) but my teenager is in love with cooking and about to take his food service certification so at least I have an extra person on my side lol

Melissa September 27, 2018 - 1:20 pm

This list of how long foods last is so useful. I hate wasting food and this is such a big help to me!

Chelley Martinka September 27, 2018 - 9:56 pm

This is legit the most important list ever! Thank you!


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