Best Graduation Party Ideas and Recipes

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Can you believe that graduation season is almost here? Yikes! Where does the time go? If you’re in the midst of planning a graduation party, I’ve got the best graduation party ideas and recipes.

I oversee all the events at my church and we always throw a bash for all the graduating seniors and I encourage everyone to come and shower them with cards (and money). Each year I try to come up with a different theme. Some of my favorite graduation parties are ice cream socials, pizza parties and Oh, The Places You’ll Go type parties.

Best Graduation Party Ideas

I’ve got the top decor ideas, recipes and take home favors. The only problem you will have is deciding which of these ideas you’ll use. Just click on the links to find all kinds of great ideas.

Best Graduation Party Ideas


  1. Oh The Places You’ll Go
  2. Giant Balloon Messages
  3. Balloon Superlatives
  4. Graduation Memory Board
  5. Graduation Cap Straws
  6. Sprinkle Graduation Year Centerpiece
  7. School Photo Props
  8. Yay Balloon Marquee
  9. Memory Wreath
  10. Graduation Hat Card Box

The Best Graduation Party Ideas


  1. Pretzel Graduation Caps
  2. Pretzel Graduates
  3. Mini Cupcake Graduation Hats
  4. Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Diplomas
  5. Cookie Bar
  6. Graduation Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  7. Diploma Sandwiches
  8. Milk & Cookie Shooters
  9. Walking Tacos


The Best Ever Graduation Party Ideas

  1. Gumball Tube Favors
  2. Bright Future Favors
  3. Smartee Flute Favors

I usually order the tableware and decorations online and these are some of my favorites.

Graduation Party Decor


Photo Booths are always a big hit at parties. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Find a great backdrop, add some graduation themed props and you’re good to go.

Graduation Theme Party Props


It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a huge bash or just having a few friends over to celebrate your graduating senior, these graduation ideas will work perfectly.

Will you be hosting a graduation party?

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  1. I went to a Sweet 16 that had a photo booth and everyone had a blast in there. I’m not hosting any graduation parties for a couple more years but it’s always good to think ahead.

  2. What fun ideas! I’m not sure if we’ll do a graduation party or not. I never had one. My son probably won’t care. I could see my daughter wanting one though.

  3. Hard to believe that graduations are just around the corner. Time to start planning and all of your ideas are wonderful. From the food to the decorations.

  4. Love these graduation party ideas. The food looks so yummy and the decor ideas are so unique.

  5. So many fun and great ideas to choose from perfect timing. As my sister-law and I are organizing a graduation party for my niece who is going to College. I love the traveling sort of decor, anyone could relate to it.

  6. Tyler will be graduating in a few years and I’m already on the hunt for graduation ideas. Those pretzels are just too cute. I’ve added them to my list along with a couple more ideas.

  7. Graduation parties have a different aura altogether. Nice to know that you organize these in your church.These are some great ideas to make the event fun and memorable for all. The idea of a photo booth is always something which people love. Food again is an important part. Pizzas or ice-creams should win hands down.

  8. How cute to do the Oh the places you’ll go theme. I love that book and we read it every year when the school year ends.

  9. Love this theme and am doing a wedding in in less than 2 weeks so I may use that balloon with the photo idea!

  10. When I graduated high school my foster parents gave me the book by Dr. Suess, “Oh the places you’ll go”. I’ve recently given it to my son. I love that as a graduation gift.

  11. Graduation parties are so fun! My cousin has one coming up in Florida. I wish I could go!I know it will be a blast!!

  12. Talk about a fun grad party! These are all very nice ideas and I’m pretty sure everyone will love whatever you pick. I love those little graduation hat cupcakes! They’re so adorable!

  13. Reesa Lewandowski says

    These are such great ideas! I will save this for when we have our graduations next year!

  14. Bonnie G says

    All my life I have walked past graduation decorations because it never pertained to me but now it finally does. I can’t wait to use some of these ideas for my daughters graduation party.

  15. I’m not sure you could have had better timing. I’m actually planning my daughter’s graduation party this week! I love the Dr. Seuss theme. It’s actually perfect!

  16. What great ideas for a graduation party! My son is going to middle school next year and this party decor is just perfect for the party we are planning for him!

  17. Ohh I love the ideas! My cousin will soon be graduating and this is great ideas. I personally love the Mini Cupcake Graduation Hats so I guess I will make this for her.

  18. All of these look awesome! I really love those graduation hat cupcakes, they look so cute! I just graduated a year ago, but I guess all of these design would be also be great on our reunion party!

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