How to Throw a Party While on a Budget

by Alli

If money weren’t an issue, throwing a party would always be fun. Whether you’re planning an event for a birthday party, anniversary, holiday or something more formal, chances are that money is an issue. You can’t spend more than you can afford, but how can you throw a fun party when you’re on a tight budget?

How to Throw a Party

Bigger is not always better. Focus on these tips to throw a great bash even if you have a low budget.

Choose Your Theme

If you think that a themed party is unnecessary, you’re wrong. While a theme is fun, it really does have a bigger purpose than just adding fun. It can also work to keep you on track when it comes to the decorations you buy or make.

Pick a Signature Drink

Drinks can be expensive, especially if you’re supplying everything. Rather than trying to have a huge variety of drinks, consider picking a signature drink for the night. This will mean you only have to buy a few varieties and your party-goers will still enjoy the beverages.

Make it a Potluck or Forgo Fancy Foods

Don’t feel like you can’t ask your guests to chip in on the food and drinks. Making the party a potluck will really help you stick to your budget. If you don’t want your guests to be bothered to bring anything, avoid any food that is too expensive.

Focus on Your Guests

If the bulk of your budget goes to making your guests feel comfortable, everyone will have more fun. This can come in the form of icebreaker games, bonfires, comfy chairs, and tasteful music.

Make Everyone Feel Safe

Another way you can focus on your guests is by making sure that everyone feels safe. Depending on the size of your party, that may mean you have to talk to an insurance agent to learn more about the policies you should get for your party.

Think About the Kids

Make sure that there are a few kid-safe zones at the party. You can set up a coloring station or an area to just run around.

Forget the Paper Invitations

Invitations are another big ticket item. You can make the invitations a lot cheaper if you just send out an  email invitation. You can design your own invitation and send out a portable document format (PDF) to all your invitees.


Consider making your own decorations if you’re crafty. Doing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can save money, but it does take a bit more time.

Get Planning

If you want to throw a party on a budget, you have to make a plan. A cheap yet nice party isn’t going to just fall out of the sky. Figure out what your maximum budget is, and then look at what your big ticket items are going to be. By focusing on the guests and trimming your budget where you can, you will find that you can throw a fun party with less money.

How to Have a Party Without Breaking the Bank

Parties don’t have to cost a small fortune. Save your hard earned money for when you need it. Be creative, stick to a theme, make your own decorations and food, and focus on your guests. These tips will help you throw parties on a budget.

What’s your secret tip for throwing a party on a budget?