I Have a Song for That . . .

Why does everyone automatically think that a pastor’s wife can sing?  I can’t sing.  Period.  Not a lick. (Where did that expression come from?)  I didn’t say that I don’t sing, just that I can’t.  And I didn’t say that I don’t love music.  I do.  And I can hear a wrong note from a mile away.  I know pitchy when I hear it, dog. Yep, I can tell when it’s flat, forced, nasally or off-key.

But, alas, I’m the only one in the family that can’t sing.  True Story:  When my children were mere babes and I would be rocking them to sleep, I would start singing and the more I sang, the louder they cried.

Daughter #1 is the leader of the Praise Band at church.  She also plays guitar and piano.  Daughter #3 (the photographer that abandoned me and forced me to learn how to take my own photos for my blog) also sings in the band, plays piano and does Youtube videos.  Daughter #2 can sing, too!

And then there’s me.  I can hear a song from long ago, 60’s, 70’s, etc. and I remember every word.  And when I’m talking to someone or listening to my hubby’s sermon, a word will be spoken and a corresponding song will pop into my mind.  Am I the only one who does that?

For example, a few nights ago, my hubby was announcing a future project concerning paving a parking lot. Immediately, in my mind, I was singing “they paved paradise and put in a parking lot.”  Only it wasn’t in my mind as I realized a girl in the seat behind me was bursting forth with laughter. This was at church, mind you.  But it happens everywhere.

My children tell me that sometimes, when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars,  I harmonize with them.  Who knew?  Not me.  They teasingly say that they are forming a band with me and calling it Accidental Harmony.  Yeah, cute.  Real, real cute.

Some time back, at one of our Girlfriends Unlimited events, we had karaoke night.  The GAB (Girlfriends Advisory Board) thought it would be so cool if we announced that I would sing if we sold a certain number of tickets.  Of course, the event was immediately sold out.  Who wouldn’t want to see the pastor’s wife make a complete and utter fool of herself?

I was more than a tad nervous.  I can speak in front of a packed auditorium, but to sing, give me a break.  So I reached back in the archives and pulled out Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.  Oh, yes, I did!  I showed up to rehearse it with daughter #1.  I ran through it once.  I didn’t have to look at that screen.  I knew every word.  She said I was good to go.

The night of, I volunteered to go first.  I just wanted to get it over with so I could enjoy the rest of the evening. There was not a drop of saliva in my mouth.  My hands were shaking and my knees were knocking.  I asked God to help me sing a rock song.  Can I do that?

And suddenly, that spotlight was glaring at me and I was blinded by the light.  For a brief moment I forgot where I was. And then I remembered.  I was in the 70’s.  I was Bob Seger.  I was taking those old records off the shelf.  I was daring that sold-out crowd of frenzied women to try and take me to a disco.  I challenged them to call me a relic, call me what they will, or to say I was old fashioned or over the hill.  I reminisced about the days of old, with that old time rock and roll.   I was jumping.  I was spinning (or was that my head).  I was playing air guitar!

Song for That

And then, much too quickly and to my dismay, it was all over.  I stepped away from the spotlight and came tumbling back down to reality, oops there goes gravity.  But for one night, I owned that make-shift stage.  I was a rock star!

When all was said and done, daughter #1 (an accomplished musician) said that she was impressed and that I was the best act of the night!  Maybe she exaggerated a bit, but I believed every word!

I won’t be going on tour or trying out for the Voice or X Factor anytime soon, but, for once in my life, I stayed on key, all by myself.  And that, my friend, is a major accomplishment.  Oh, wait, a Stevie Wonder song, For Once in my Life, just popped into my head.  I told you!  I have a song for that . . .

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  1. HA HA HA!! This is awesome! 🙂 I definitely feel like song lyrics and movie quotes pop into my head far too often!!

  2. Pastor Alli,you are such a hoot! Enjoy you so much.

  3. Rebekah Price says

    You did do great that night!

  4. “…the more I sang, the louder they cried.” Too funny!!! Well I the flip side I can hold a tune and my daughter, Lord bless her, sounds like trash. I’m just saying…Visiting from SITS.

  5. Love it! I hope someone got that music moment on video for you. Music is always on my brain too. It’s fun to think of what the soundtrack of my day might be.

    Happy SITS Day!
    another jennifer recently posted…Philanthropy Friday: Po Campo Bags Help Girls Get to SchoolMy Profile

  6. Funny how you went to Stevie Wonder at the end of your post and I went to “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen. Yeah, we totally do that in our house, too. We are all quite musical. I didn’t notice we were different until a friend mentioned it. We were at their house playing board games. Someone said something that reminded either me or my husband of a song. That person started singing and the other joined in. Our friends looked at each other and said, “They made it ten minutes.” They then explained that they’d taken guesses to see how long we’d be there before someone started singing. I guess normal people don’t sing all the time. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One of my favorite things is when one person sings a line of a song and down the hall, around the corner, someone else picks up the next line, even though neither of them are quite aware of it. I like our musical family and I’ll take that kind of weird. It’s nice to meet someone else like us.

    I’m glad you rocked that night. Love this line: “I asked God to help me sing a rock song. Can I do that?” Apparently, you can.
    misssrobin recently posted…A Year of SeeingMy Profile

    • Robin, I really think God helped me because everyone said I actually stayed on key (whatever that is)! 🙂 I’m glad we are not the only singing family out there. Of course, I’m not musical, but that has never stopped me.

  7. One of the best things about my kids is that they are as tone deaf as I am. So, you can imagine what that’s like in the car!
    Christina recently posted…License to FlyMy Profile

  8. Alli, I break into song all the time! I have a song for everything too, and my singing voice is less than stellar. But it makes me happy. I always hoped my kids would be able to sing well, but unfortunately they inherited my lack of talent. That shouldn’t stop anyone from singing though! Have a great SITS day!
    Dana recently posted…The classiness that is my familyMy Profile

  9. No one in my family can sing (though we all like to pretend we can). My dad tried to tell my sister and I he was the fifth Beatle when we were younger. We were not buying it. Although I have enjoyed karaoke myself (but never solo–kudos to you for doing it!).
    Bev recently posted…SpeedMy Profile

  10. I can just picture you going to TOWN up there in the spotlight!!! Oh this is too funny!! And I love how every kid has such musical abilities and you- bless your heart- can Accidentally Harmonize!! ADORABLE!!!

    SO glad I met you via SITS!!! I think we need to become FAST friends!!!! Gonna follow you for SURE!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…My Favorite Christmas Gifts To GiveMy Profile

  11. YOU GO!!! That is fantastic. Sing your song!!
    Lynne Childress recently posted…We didn’t get a Christmas tree. Are we bad people?My Profile

  12. I am singing constantly! My best friend can sing like a Broadway singer, and I sound like, well, probably like you 🙂 The ironic thing is that I am always singing and know every word to every song, and she can’t remember a lyric to save her life. Enjoyable post, thanks 🙂
    Beth recently posted…Upcycled Crafting: The Paper Towel Cardboard Roll Challenge!My Profile

    • See, just because we can’t carry a tune in a bucket doesn’t mean we don’t know every word to every song ever written. Thanks for proving my point.:)

  13. LOVE THIS! I am so this person…well I can sing BUT I so have a song for like EVERY situation sentence word…LOL It drive my Hubby nuts because it will happen and the most serious of moments. He’ll be completely engrossed in telling me something and he will trigger a song and I will totally unconsciously begin to hum it…LOL I’m so glad I not alone (You Are Not Alone…MJ LOL)
    Tiffany recently posted…I’ve Been Thinking…My Profile

    • I have had songs cross my mind and almost burst forth from my lips in the middle of church. One time the song was so funny and went with whatever was going on at the moment that I almost laughed out loud and my shoulders were shaking. I had to talk to myself real mean to make myself straighten up! I’m glad I’m not alone.

  14. I love this! I actually do sing “for a living” (it doesn’t pay any bills), but loved reading every word of your writing still.
    Jennifer Kaufman recently posted…St. Nicholas & Our Protestant FamilyMy Profile

  15. Very funny; and you are not alone. I can’t sing a lick. I have the worse voice of all time. In fact, I sound a bit like Froggy from the Little Rascals; so I would never dare to get up and sing in front of anybody, anywhere at any time. Sometimes I’m even embarrased to sing when I’m all by myself for fear there may be someone nearby listening and laughing.
    Renee Jay recently posted…Moonlight SpyMy Profile

    • There was a time when I would not have dared to sing in front of anyone and I was so nervous I thought I would barf, but I made it through. Glad I’m not alone in not being able to sing a lick.:)

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