I Have a Song for That – My Karaoke Experience

by Alli

This is a funny story about my one and only karaoke experience – I Have a Song For That

Why does everyone automatically think that a pastor’s wife can sing?  I can’t sing.  Period.  Not a lick. (Where did that expression come from?)  I didn’t say that I don’t sing, just that I can’t.  

And I didn’t say that I don’t love music.  I do.  And I can hear a wrong note from a mile away.  I know pitchy when I hear it, dog. Yep, I can tell when it’s flat, forced, nasally or off-key.

I Can’t Sing a Lick

But, alas, I’m the only one in the family who can’t sing.  

True Story:  When my children were mere babes and I would be rocking them to sleep, I would start singing and the more I sang, the louder they cried.

Daughter #1

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Daughter #1 is the leader of the Praise Band at church.  She also plays guitar and piano.  

Daughter #2

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Daughter #2 can sing amazing harmony and has taught all her kids to sing. They also play musical instruments.

Daughter #3

My youngest daughter, Caitlin

Daughter #3 (the makeup artist) also sings in the band, plays piano and does Youtube videos.  

And Then There is Me 

I can hear a song from long ago, 60’s, 70’s, etc. and I remember every word.  And when I’m talking to someone or listening to my hubby’s sermon, a word will be spoken and a corresponding song will pop into my mind.  Am I the only one who does that?

For example, a few nights ago, my hubby was announcing a future project concerning paving a parking lot. Immediately, in my mind, I was singing “they paved paradise and put in a parking lot.”  

Only it wasn’t in my mind as I realized a girl in the seat behind me was bursting forth with laughter. This was at church, mind you.  But it happens everywhere.

My children tell me that sometimes – when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars – I harmonize with them.  Who knew?  Not me.  

They teasingly say that they are forming a band with me and calling it Accidental Harmony.  Yeah, cute.  Real, real cute.

The Night I Sang Karaoke Like a Boss

Some time back, at one of our Girlfriends events, we had a karaoke night.  

The GAB (Girlfriends Advisory Board) thought it would be so cool if we announced that I would sing if we sold a certain number of tickets.  

Of course, the event was immediately sold out.  Who wouldn’t want to see the pastor’s wife make a complete and utter fool of herself?

I Have a Song For That

I was more than a tad nervous.  Why is it I can speak in front of a packed auditorium with no fear? But to sing, give me a break.  So I reached back in the archives and pulled out Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.  

Old Time Rock and Roll

Oh, yes, I did!  The day of, I showed up to rehearse with daughter #1.  I ran through it once.  I didn’t have to look at that screen because I knew every word.  She said I was good to go.

The night of, I volunteered to go first.  I just wanted to get it over with so I could enjoy the rest of the evening. There was not a drop of saliva in my mouth.  My hands were shaking and my knees were knocking.  I asked God to help me sing a rock song.  Can I do that?

And suddenly, that spotlight was glaring at me and I was blinded by the light.  For a brief moment, I forgot where I was. And then I remembered.  I was in the ’70s and for a few moments, I was Bob Seger.

This photo is not me but it’s how I saw myself that night – rocking and rolling, baby! 

Old Time Rock and Roll Karaoke  

I was taking those old records off the shelf and daring that sold-out crowd of frenzied women to try and take me to a disco.  Then, I challenged them to call me a relic, call me what they will, or to say I was old fashioned or over the hill.  

I reminisced about the days of old, with that old-time rock and roll.   Was that really me?  Jumping.  Spinning (or was that my head).  Was I really playing air guitar?

Song for That

And then, much too quickly and to my dismay, it was all over.  I stepped away from the spotlight and came tumbling back down to reality, oops there goes gravity.  But for one night, I owned that make-shift stage.  I was a rock star!

When all was said and done, daughter #1 (an accomplished musician) said that she was impressed and that I was the best act of the night!  Maybe she exaggerated a bit, but I believed every word!

I won’t be going on tour or trying out for The Voice or American Idol anytime soon, but, for once in my life, I stayed on key, all by myself.  And that, my friend, is a major accomplishment.  Oh, wait, a Stevie Wonder song, For Once in my Life, just popped into my head.  I told you!  I have a song for that . . .