Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

by Alli

I was provided hair extensions for this Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review.  All opinions are mine.

As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, my youngest daughter is getting married in May.  Caitlin and I have been in a wedding fog for almost a year.  Yes, I’m in my element; planning the best party of 2016.

A few months ago, Caitlin was reading an article about the #1 regret brides have when they look back at their wedding day.  Surprisingly (at least to me), one regret that scored the highest was brides regretting wearing their hair in an updo on their wedding day.  When they looked back at their big day, they stated that they didn’t look like themselves because they never wore their hair up.

Way before reading that article, Caitlin had decided to wear her hair down. She doesn’t like the way she looks with her hair up and where is it written in stone that every bride should wear an updo? I didn’t.  And I’m glad she’s following in my footsteps.

When I was contacted by Irresistible Me to review their clip-in hair extensions, I jumped at the chance, since Caitlin had mentioned that she would like to try hair extensions for her wedding.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

The first thing we did was choose the length and color.  They have an awesome video to help with the process.

The clip-in hair extensions arrived by FedEx within a couple of days and were packaged in a pretty black box.  The 100% human hair extensions were nestled and covered with a netting  in 2 separate compartments inside a large pouch.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

The smaller compartment held a sample hair extension to give you a better look at the shade and length without opening the full set.  The larger compartment is sealed.  After looking at the sample, if you don’t think the color matches your hair OR if you don’t like the length, you can return it.  Once the seal is broken on the larger compartment, it voids the return/exchange policy.  I really liked that you didn’t have to open the entire package to be sure the extensions matched.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Caitlin’s extensions matched perfectly and she loved the length.  Even though neither of us had ever tried extensions before, they were so easy to clip in.  I watched this video once and we were good to go. Because the hair extensions are 100% human hair, you can curl it, straighten it and wash it.

Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me uses top of the line hair and a special treatment unique to Irresistible Me to add extra silkiness and durability and make these the best hair extensions you can find.

Here’s the before and after photos:

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Caitlin loves the clip-in hair extensions and decided that she didn’t want to wait until her wedding day to wear them, so she’ll be wearing them to holiday parties and for New Year’s Eve.

Hair Extensions Review

The entire family agreed that Irresistible Me hair extensions look completely natural.  Have you ever tried clip-in hair extensions?