Jewelry – The Finishing Touch

by Alli

What girl doesn’t love jewelry and playing dress up?  Jewelry is like the icing on a cake.  It can turn a ho hum outfit into a beautiful work of art.

In order to accessorize, glamorize and not clownorize (I made this word up), let’s look at a few basic rules that will help make jewelry the finishing touch!

Jewelry-the-finishing-touch #jewelry

1.  Less is more

Jewelry is most often used to compliment and to finish off your look.  If it’s too distracting, it’s not complimenting, it’s competing.  An understated look is always in style!  Note:  Sometimes the jewelry is the main event when it’s paired with a simple outfit.

If there are lots of ruffles or lace around the neckline of your blouse or dress, a necklace will usually compete instead of compliment.  It’s completely fine to not wear a necklace.

2.   Lose the matchy, matchy sets.

The days of everything matching perfectly have, thankfully, been over for a while (decades?).   I hate to see matching sets – necklace, earrings, bracelet, purse, shoes, etc.   It’s overkill.  Remember, less is more.

If you are wearing a big, bold necklace as a statement piece, don’t wear huge chandelier earrings.  It’s overkill.  It’s called a statement piece for a reason.   It’s the only piece you need.  If you do wear other jewelry with your statement piece, understated is best.

And it’s perfectly acceptable to mix metals.  The old school rule of never mixing metals is so a thing of the past.

3.  Say no to noisemakers.

Do your bracelets jingle and jangle every time you move your arm?  That’s fine if you are not in a meeting or at work, but clanging bracelets can be a big distraction.  I speak at church services and ladies meetings, etc. and I always make sure that my jewelry is not distracting and does not make a noise when I move.

Bonus Tip:  I love the look of a wide watch with lots of layered bangles.  This is not office attire, unless you work alone.  But it’s a great look for going out.

One of my favorite fashion icons is the late Coco Chanel.  I actually wrote a post about her here!  One of her famous quotes is, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  Coco was not talking about clothing here, but about jewelry.  Less is more.  Coco said so!

What’s your favorite jewelry?  I love bracelets!  I’m not that into necklaces, but I’m all over a bracelet or two (or three)!