Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

My youngest daughter’s wedding day is mere weeks away and our church recently hosted a navy and blush nautical themed bridal shower for her and her husband-to-be.

Since I’m the official decorator at our church, I was especially thrilled to be able to decorate for my daughter’s shower. There was no way I was going to turn the decor over to amateurs. (Just kidding, kinda)

Navy and Blush Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

As you probably know by now, Caitlin’s getting married on a yacht in Charleston, SC. She chose a nautical theme, but didn’t want to go overboard (pun intended) with the nautical stuff.

Helpful Hint:  When choosing a theme for any party, there’s a fine line between terrific and tacky.

Navy and blush are the dominating colors for my daughter’s wedding, so my trusty sidekick, Darlene, and I kept that in mind when decorating. And because I’m always on a budget, I try to purchase decor that can be reused or repurposed.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

Darlene was my secretary for years and she’s the type person who goes beyond the call of duty – in friendship and in her work ethics. She ironed all the tablecloths for the nautical themed bridal shower and freed up my time to do what I love best – decorate.

Mantle - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

A few years ago my son-in-law built a faux fireplace to jazz up our fellowship hall a bit. I love our church kitchen/fellowship hall because I designed it and it came out so pretty. That sounds a little cocky, doesn’t it? I meant to say that I put loads of love into it and just about everyone who visits thinks it was professionally designed. No, just little ole’ me. 🙂

Anyway, I needed more places to decorate, so we have a huge mantle.  Most of the decor came from Marshall’s, T. J. Maxx and my home.

The lighting was not the best for photography purposes. Sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

For the food table centerpieces, I wanted to incorporate the navy/blush theme without taking up too much space. You have to leave ample room for the food when you’ve got a crowd. Bridal Shower Centerpiece - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

I bought a flat of pink Impatiens and covered boxes with navy and white nautical fabric using Mod Podge.  I measured the fabric with the box and made sure I allowed for a little overhang. Then I brushed each section with Mod Podge and attached the fabric. It didn’t take long at all.

Nautical Bridal Shower DIY Centerpiece

I hot glued white roping around the top and each box holds six small flower pots. You can also use shoeboxes. I had some boxes left over from Valentine’s Day, so that’s what I used.

Nautical Themed Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Nautical Themed Shower

Helpful Hint:  After the shower, these flowers will be planted in a shaded area of my flower garden. This was an almost no-cost centerpiece and can be used for any theme. The fabric and flowers were the only thing I had to purchase and they didn’t cost much at all.

nautical themed bridal shower - caitlin and david

My favorite of all the decor is the blush pedal tablecloth for the gift table. I ordered it from Linen Tablecloth. It didn’t have to be ironed and I fell in love the moment I placed it on the table. I’m already trying to think of an event where I can use it again. It would be pretty at a baby shower too.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower


Nautical Themed Bridal Shower - Blush Tablecloth

I had a bright idea to make cutout sugar cookies using anchor and heart cookie cutters I had on hand. Sugar cookies and I hated each other until I found the best sugar cookie recipe ever and this icing.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

I learned a few things during my all-day-long-never-ending sugar cookie baking marathon.

Anchor & Heart Sugar Cookies - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

Sugar Cookies - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

  1. I now know why professionally iced sugar cookies are so expensive. It’s WORK! I vow to never complain about how much decorated cookies cost.
  2. I will never, ever, ever be a professional cookie decorator. But they were good enough and everyone loved them!
  3. It takes FOREVER.

You have to let the butter and cream cheese come to room temp. Then you mix up the dough, let it rest in the fridge for one hour. Let it rest at room temp. for a few minutes because the dough is too hard to roll out. Roll and cut and re-roll and cut and bake and repeat over and over and over.

Decorating Sugar Cookies - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

Then the cookies have to be completely cooled before icing them. Then you have to stop and go to a grandkid’s baseball game and eat fries with ketchup because you asked for boiled peanuts and they didn’t have any so your skinny son brings you back a large order of fries with a huge pile of ketchup on the side and you can’t hurt his feelings.

Oh, and you have to make the icing, divide the icing, color the icing. Will I ever get this navy food coloring off my fingers? I have to admit the blush part was easy. One drop of red food coloring in half a recipe of icing equals a beautiful blush.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower - making the cookies

You should have seen my kitchen when I was done! There was navy food coloring on my glass tile backsplash. How in the world did that happen? Yes, I have a few bubbles. Pricking them with a toothpick did not work, thank you very much. But they are homemade with love. And that’s that.

I have to add one more thing. The cookie dough was the best sugar cookie dough I’ve ever worked with. It didn’t tear. It wan’t sticky. It is perfect. The icing, too. So, there you have it – a nautical themed bridal shower fit for a beautiful bride.

Wait, there’s more!

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower for Caitlin and David

Check out the Kate Spade Tea Kettle and matching cake pans! Caitlin also received a KitchenAid – Artisan Designer Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Sea Glass. You think she’ll trade with me and my basic white old-as-dirt-but-still-going-strong KitchenAid?

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

I have to give a special shoutout to Mica from Cake Creations for the beautiful nautical themed cupcakes. It sure is nice having a professional baker in our church.

Cupcakes by Cake Creations - Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

P.S. – David asked my husband for Caitlin’s hand in marriage at a nautical themed family cookout in May of 2015. My husband was on the deck manning the grill and David finally worked up the courage to ask. At that moment I walked out the back door. My husband told me what had just transpired and I immediately burst into happy tears. My baby’s getting married!

Nautical Themed Cookout Nautical Themed Cookout with Free Printable

I also made my famous Slow Cooker Shredded Barbecue Pork Sliders for the Nautical Themed Bridal Shower.

Barbecue Sliders

Are you planning on hosting any bridal showers in the near future?

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  1. The nautical theme was so much fun! Everything was so nice and that blush pedal tablecloth! It’s gorgeous! I had to laugh about the time it takes to make sugar cookies. A kitchen session making decorated sugar cookies always makes me sing the Lambchop theme song “This is the song that never ends” Your cookies turned out so pretty and I know they were delicious.
    I can’t believe the wedding is only a few weeks away. Time has passed so quickly!!
    Shirley Wood recently posted…Mostly From Scratch Homemade Chicken & DumplingsMy Profile

    • I fell in love with that tablecloth online and was so pleased when it actually looked just like it did online. The food tables were covered in navy cloths. I’d hate to try to get food stains out of that blush petal tablecloth. That would be a hot mess. 🙂

  2. The bridal shower turned out so lovely, Alli. I love the nautical but you are right, too much can look tacky. And going frugal is always the best. I know the wedding will be fabulous! So is your fellowship hall at your house?
    Ps. I want that kettle and kitchenAid mixer (LOL)!
    Zan recently posted…Bathroom Makeover Week 3 – Removing the WallPaperMy Profile

    • No, that’s not my house! 🙂 It’s our church fellowship hall. We’ve outgrown it and we’re actually building a new building soon. Most of our big parties at church requires renting tents, etc. LOL

  3. This is so beautiful. Gorgeous set-up and I really love the cookies. Another fabulous event Alli!

  4. Congrats! I love this Nautical themed shower! I actually love the color navy and think it makes an event very classy!
    tiaras and tantrums recently posted…Planting A Indoor Garden With your KidsMy Profile

  5. This is such a beautiful bridal shower! I love the nautical theme with the touches of blush to make it just a little bit more feminine.

  6. What a beautiful bridal shower! Even though I got married 15 years ago I remember how harried and crazy the weeks were before the big day. Hope you get a chance to enjoy yourself and make some wonderful memories!

  7. What a beautiful shower. My father was in the Navy and I’m pretty sure my mom and my dad had Navel kind of shower. It is so pretty with the blue-and-white! How very creative.
    Jeanette recently posted…Myths About Returning to School as a Mom DebunkedMy Profile

  8. What an absolutely beautiful looking bridal shower and it is an amazing idea to have it nautical themed. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…5 storage solutions to make you extra roomMy Profile

  9. I LOVE a nautical theme. All these pictures are so inspiring. Those boats are pure perfection! I try to maintain a nautical theme in our living room during the Summer, so I’m always looking for cute nautical-themed ideas.
    Jenn @ EngineerMommy recently posted…My Signature Recipe: Baked Chicken ParmesanMy Profile

  10. Such cute ideas! Blue and pink are my dream nursery colors. Where did get those little boats?! I want them for my bathroom 🙂 Just a cute post!
    Brittany recently posted…Gift Ideas for HimMy Profile

  11. I love the beach look, I’d have to say this is a very cute theme.
    Eloise recently posted…Prince, The Legend: Missed But Not Forgotten!My Profile

  12. What a beautiful bridal shower!! I love the theme and how well you pulled it all together.
    Vera Sweeney recently posted…Watch 100% Of DVR’d Shows Anywhere With The Super Cool SlingboxMy Profile

  13. First of all your daughter is gorgeous! and so is this theme. What a great idea. I’d never think of this for a theme for a bridal shower. How awesome.

  14. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    Aww congrats to your daughter. This is such a cool idea for a bridal shower. I love it.

  15. This is beautiful! Gorgeous set-up and I really love the cookies, so colorful!
    Claudia Krusch recently posted…Why I Am Looking For Earth Friendly AppliancesMy Profile

  16. What a great theme! Your anchor cookies are the perfect touch. I love what you used for the tablecloth, too. So clever!

  17. Love the theme and colors. Caitlyn will surely be a beautiful bride. Your sugar cookies turned out great. I love the anchors and hearts.. 🙂 ANd easy (reusable) decor is definitely the way to go.

    Life With Lorelai

  18. Beautiful, I suck at cookies so I’m not even going to stress myself out in that manner. With that said, they are really cute. I love the theme and how it all came together.

    Congrats to you and the couple.
    Mimi Green recently posted…Super League Gaming Discount : Play Minecraft in a Movie TheatreMy Profile

  19. Nautical/ocean theme is my favorite!! Those flower boxes and cookies are to die for! Love this!

  20. This is SO adorable! Everything from the food to the decor fits the nautical theme so perfectly! The color scheme is here looks excellent, and these pictures are lovely! It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. I loved too much colors and theme. Caitlyn certainly will be a beautiful bride. The cookies were wonderful and really loved the hearts and anchors. Congratulations, because the decor was awesome!

  22. Hey Buddy,

    Nice post.

    I liked the theme you mentioned in the article. Nautical theme for bridal show is just awesome and unique. It contain several new ideas. I like all such ideas. I surely will use it for my friends wedding.

    The collection of photos provided by you in the article is just awesome and I am thankful to you for sharing such themes with all people.

    I can assure you that this article would be liked by all the women’s out there who are going to marry soon. I appreciate you and you efforts required for this post.

    Keep posting and sharing!
    Thank You! 🙂 🙂

  23. Hum that delight

  24. Caitlin must have been very excited to have you participate in the decorations. You’re right about there being a fine line between tacky and terrific.

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