5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Family Vacation

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Summer’s just around the bend I can’t wait until our family summer vacation. We’ve been vacationing together in North Myrtle Beach for 24 years. Back when the kids were young, we vacationed in our timeshare condo every single year. We’ve made so many great memories and I always incorporate my 5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Family Vacation. 

5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Vacation - Packing Tips

Now that we have grandkids (where did the time go?), we’ve outgrown the condo, so we rent a beach house. There’s 15 of us, so we had to go big. Whatever your vacation plans, it’s important to have a peaceful family vacation. 

5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Family Vacation

1.  Make a Plan and Write it Down

The old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is true! Once April arrives I begin to make lists of what to take on our family vacation. I have a packing list, a food list, a supply list and a list of activities we plan to do as a family.

It’s a good thing Walmart is having an April Stock Up & Save Event! I can save on all my favorite, everyday essentials for less. I’m stocking up for spring cleaning and for my family vacation.

5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Vacation

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5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Vacation -Stock Up & Save

2. Pack Light

At one time, I was the one who always overpacked, taking way too many clothes and shoes. Over the years, I’ve learned to pack right and pack light.

Our vacation house has a washer/dryer, so it’s A-OK to pack light. I pretty much live in my swimsuit or shorts during our beach vacation and I always take Gain 100 oz. Original Liquid Laundry Detergent. Once vacation is over, it’s nice to return home with a suitcase full of clean, fresh smelling clothes.

Helpful Hint:  Febreze Air Effects is perfect for getting rid of odors in your vacation house, resort or hotel.

3. Eat In

Now that our family is really large, it’s a hassle when we try to go out and eat. It’s not fun waiting on a table for over an hour with hungry kids in tow and even with call ahead seating. We do go out together once or twice during the week, but we really enjoy cooking together and eating outside on the porch overlooking the pool.

Each married couple gets to pick the night they’re going to cook and clean the kitchen. The kids always volunteer me for Mexican night. They love my chicken enchiladas and homemade guacamole.

My son-in-law fixes breakfast a few times during the week and I always take my slow cooker in case we want to let something simmer all day. The outside grill gets a lot of use, of course.

4. Take One for the Team

Sure, most of the time I had rather be poolside, reading a good beach read while listening to the waves crashing on shore. But when the grandkids want me to go to the video arcade or bowling or the movies, I’m there. I can read later.

5.  Escape Each Other

As much as my family loves each other, we all need our space. Each couple picks a date night and someone always volunteers to watch the kids. Sometimes the guys go out for a day of golf while the girls have time to ourselves. There’s no pressure and we all come back refreshed.

Vacations don’t have to be stressful! Having plenty of paper towels, toilet tissue and laundry detergent on hand keeps everything going smoothly.

You, too, can have a peaceful family vacation by following my 5 tips. What tips would you like to add?

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5 Ways to Have a Peaceful Vacation - Stock up on TP from Walmart

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    My kids are still little, so there is no reading by the pool for me. I haven’t picked up a book in so many years that I literally can’t remember the last time I read. I am always running around with my boys doing something when we are away.

  2. I did not know about this stock up and save event going on. I see some things on the list that I know we would love to have (Pampers Swaddlers is one of them for sure). I am thinking of ordering online and picking up in store! When we vacation, we do some of things similar to yours. And we sometimes prepare meals, too for the same reasons of long lines, kids, and of course, to save money.

  3. Denise Seegobin says

    This is great advice. I always forget something and now I am going to use this as a guide for when we are going away.

  4. I’m glad to know I’m not the only planner! I have notes in my phone for each vacation (anniversary/family) including budget, meals we plan to cook, & exactly where we “have to” visit & eat. I’m excited about the sale & Ibotta. Thanks for all of your info!

  5. Eating in is one of my favorite tips for family vacations. We love renting a house or staying somewhere with a kitchen, then cooking dinner there. It saves us from all kinds of “where should we eat” arguments.

  6. These are some awesome tips, I never really thought of taking some febreze on vacations but that is awesome. We stayed in a hotel one time and the room smelled like smoke although it was a no smoking hotel and there were no other rooms available so this would of been great to have a can of air freshener. and Yes eating in will save you a lot. Also, we take our coupons with us and try to find some deals on food. Thanks so much for all the tips.

    • I’ve also been in rooms that were no smoking and smelled like someone had been smoking. Febreze helps so much! Coupons are great to have on hand too.

  7. These are great tips. We just got back from our first family vacation road trip in years. It was a lot of hours on the road. It was a great time.

  8. these are such great tips.i agree with all of them if you follow these am sure you can have a peaceful vacation…. road trips are always my favourite.

  9. If razors are on sale, count me in! Those things cost way too much, don’t they. You are so right, vacations shouldn’t be stressful. Planning ahead and taking advantage of sales for the necessities is smart!
    I totally get it, read later, enjoy the beach arcade with the grandkids now!

  10. This is a great deal to stock up on the household essentials. I love all your tips about making vacations more successful for everyone. I especially love the idea of having the couples take turns watching the kids!

  11. My favorite vacations are ones where we all stay together in one house just like that. Eating in, bringing your own supplies, it makes it so much more relaxing. Thanks for the Walmart tip. I will definitely be stocking up for spring cleaning.

  12. When it comes to vacation I do all the planning. I have a packing list I use to plan out what the kids and I are going to wear. We rent vacation homes which means we also need a list of things to purchase.

  13. I think it would really be important to plan the itinerary and getting inputs from all members including the kids. It can be less stressful when everybody is on the same page.

  14. Our version of Walmart (Asda) might have similar deals so will check it out. I think being prepared for any vacation especially family vacations is important.

  15. I dream of having a little cabin or place near the beach where our whole family can go to vacation. These are all such thoughtful and useful tips!

  16. I need to stock up on almost everything on the list! I love your tips for family vacation. I definitely need a few hours alone when I vacation with my family. Rooms with a terrace are great for that if I am traveling alone with the kids.

    • Yes, a terrace or porch is always a must-have when vacationing. Whenever I’m making reservations, my beach rental has to be ocean front and have terraces or porches. 🙂 It’s a great way to have some alone time.

  17. Great tips! I am so excited for summer and planning our trip to Las Vegas.

  18. These are some awesome tips! I especially love the idea of Rooms with a terrace! Thanks for sharing such useful tips!!

  19. We are headed to Disney World in 3 short weeks! We will be driving so we’re going to bring lots of snacks and drinks with us to save money on the road.

  20. I would love a peaceful vacation! It’s usually pretty hectic but, I’ll use these! 🙂 Great tips!

  21. I love this! Family vacations are always stressful haha especially at first as you travel! These are great tips!

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