5 Reasons Why I Love My Personalized Stitch Fix

by Alli

I finally bit the bullet and ordered my first Stitch Fix box. Yeah, I’m kinda late to the Stitch Fix party! I’m always a little anxious when I try something new. Did I make a mistake? Will I hate everything my personal shopper sends? Will the clothing fit? These are the type questions that run through my mind.

If you’re like my 20-something-year-old son and have never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s an online styling service that delivers a personalized shopping experience, just for you.

Why I Love My Personalized Stitch Fix

You just fill out your Style Profile and a personal stylist will handpick pieces to fit your tastes, needs, and budget—and mail them directly to your door.

I’m patiently waiting for my next box. Meanwhile, I’m sharing 5 Reasons Why I Love Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Clothing

5 Reasons Why I Love Stitch Fix

1. I Have my Own Personal Shopper

I actually enjoy adding information that helps my personal shopper find the perfect clothing for me. They know my weight, height, body shape (hourglass with a tad too much sand stuck in the middle) and what type clothing and accessories I like.

I let them know that I’m not crazy about my upper arms (age/gravity/etc.) and rarely go sleeveless. They also know I love easy, breezy, summer shift dresses.

2. My Bedroom is my Dressing Room

I don’t have to suffer through those horrible dressing room lights or get stuck in that one dressing room that is smaller than the others. I can prance around, walk up the hallway, sit down, stand up, shimmy and make sure I love my new dress/top/whatever. OK – maybe I don’t really shimmy! I’m not confined to the dreaded dressing room.

3. Save Time and Money

Sometimes I like to shop. Most of the time, I don’t. Who has time to run around from shop to shop trying to find that perfect summer top? Not me! Now I don’t have to.

4. I Only Keep What I Like

I’m surprised to admit that my favorite item in my first Stitch Fix box is the Kut from the Kloth denim boyfriend shorts. They are beyond comfortable, the right length (I’m too old for Daisy Dukes) and I love them.

Helpful Hint: Be sure and try everything on. Even if you think it’s not the right color, pattern, etc., you may be surprised!


5. Easy Returns

I have three days from the time I receive my box to decide if I want to keep all the items, some of the items or none of the items. I go to my personal Stitch Fix page and check out. There’s also a place to add notes, change the delivery date of your next box, etc.

Helpful Hint: Be sure and offer feedback on each article of clothing. It helps your stylist learn more about your style.

If you have a special event coming up, there’s a place to let them know. For instance, I’m headed to a tropical island soon and I asked for island wear in my next box. I’ll let you know if they deliver!

Each Stitch Fix box has a postage-paid return envelope. If you don’t want to keep an item, you just stick it in the envelope and drop it in any mailbox. Returns are so easy!

There’s Only One Miss in My First Box

I’m keeping every single item in my first box. However, there is one miss. The cutest summer dress was included in my Stitch Fix box. The sizing was way off! It was too tight for me, but fit my daughter, Caitlin, perfectly, so she now has a new dress.  She’s a lot smaller than me, so the sizing was way off on that one item. Everything else fits perfectly.

Guess what?

There’s also a Stitch Fix for guys? Have any of you tried it?

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix, please use my referral link.


This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and make a purchase, I’ll receive a little cash towards my next box.