Plant Based Foods

by Alli

Have you thought about embracing a healthy alternative with plant based foods?

Whether you have chosen the vegan lifestyle, or simply want to move toward a plant-based diet, science is on your side!

There are more vegan alternatives being created every day, and advances in food technology have led to plant-based substitutions that are both healthy and delicious.

Mayonnaise is one such success story, and there are others as well. You can choose plant-based foods that are tasty, healthy, and products of sustainable food production process.

Plant Based Foods

Great Taste and Help for the Environment

When you decide to switch to a plant based mayo, you no longer have to settle for an egg-based, high cholesterol mayonnaise or risk a dry, flavorless sandwich. The vegan offerings available now are tasty as well as healthy.

Just Mayo, made by Hampton Creek, is a great vegan mayo that is creamy, tangy, and delicious. It even comes in four unique flavors including Original and Chipotle. When you choose Just Mayo, you get great flavor and healthy ingredients, plus you’re supporting a product made in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Advances in the science of food technology have paved the way for vegan alternative products such as plant-based mayo. Another benefit of this scientific research is a better understanding of how to improve the current food production system.

Creating an egg substitute that was not only delicious but also cheaper to produce than traditional eggs was the first step toward a vegan mayo that is actually less expensive than traditional mayonnaise. The production process for high-quality vegan foods is efficient and economical, which leads to consumer savings as well.

Beyond a Condiment

While mayo may be most famous for its role as a sandwich condiment, there are so many other uses. With a great plant-based mayo on hand, you can create any number of delicious recipes that fit your health-conscious lifestyle.

From French Onion Dip to Potato Salad to Chocolate Cake, plant-based mayo is a tasty, low-cholesterol alternative to traditional mayonnaise. You can also substitute a plant-based mayo into your own recipes that call for mayonnaise.

The Cookie Dough You’ve Always Wanted

Vegan mayo exists thanks to food scientists who were able to create a plant-based egg substitute that performs and tastes like a traditional egg.

Along with mayo, there are other delicious uses for an eggless alternative. One example is cookie dough which is safe to eat.

Let’s face it, one of the best things about making cookies is sneaking bites of the raw dough. But every bite comes with the risk of salmonella or other food-borne illnesses from the raw eggs. However, using a plant-based egg substitute instead means you can eat all the raw dough you want.

While it can sometimes be difficult to find a vegan egg substitute in your local grocery store, you can find ready-made eggless cookie dough. It’s made with plant-based eggs, just like the vegan mayo, which means you can either bake it up or just snack on it raw.

This is especially great for parents who love to let their kids help bake and lick the spoon at the end. With eggless cookie dough, there is no fear of your child getting sick from raw eggs.

Incorporating More Plants in Your Diet

Of course, the ultimate goal of a plant-based diet is to rely primarily on vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains as the majority of your food, with only minor contributions from animal products.

Choosing products like plant-based mayo and eggless cookie dough can help during the transition from an animal-based diet toward one based on plants. The larger piece of the puzzle is simply phasing out animal products and teaching your body to prefer plants to meats.

Plant Based Diet

A “baby-steps” approach to incorporating more plants can be something like committing to “Meatless Mondays” where you eat a vegetarian meal every Monday.

Moving to whole-grain bread and pasta instead of those made with refined flour is another step.

You can try vegetarian alternatives to recipes you enjoy, such as making eggplant parmesan instead of using chicken. Small steps like these are a great way to start moving toward a healthy, inexpensive, sustainable plant-based diet.

Plant Based Lifestyle

Whether you decide to jump into full-fledged veganism from day one or take a slower approach with graduated steps, there are many benefits to a plant-based diet.

Alternative products such as plant-based mayo and eggless cookie dough can make the transition easier. Plant-based food alternatives not only taste great, but they’re also environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective as well.

Do you eat a plant-based diet?