She Said, She Said – What We’re Loving In July

by Alli

I’m not going to think about  how fast summer is flying by and the fact that I can’t believe it’s almost mid July!  So I’ll just cut to the chase!

Today’s post is a monthly collaboration between my youngest daughter, Caitlin, and me!   In case you missed June’s She Said . . . you can find it here!  I introduced my daughter in June’s post.

She Said, She Said – What We’re Loving In July

She Said


1.  Alba Botanica, Hawaiian Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisture

What We're Loving in July

My skin loves moisture.  It’s kind of odd considering I have to wash my hair every day or use dry shampoo because it’s so oily.  You would think I would have oily skin to match.  No.  In the winter I buy the thickest creams available.  I aim for the ones that say “age defying” or “mature skin” because in my mind that translates to magical beauty cream that will make my skin glowy and hydrated.

Now that summer’s here, I noticed my skin was getting a little too “glowy.”  So when I’m in need of a lighter moisturizer, this has always been my go-to. It’s enough moisture and it’s never caused a break out.  And guess what?  They make an oil free one.  But I like my oil. 😀

2.  Running

Caitlin Running


Two years ago I started getting serious (a LITTLE serious, actually) about living a healthy lifestyle.  I heard my mom talk about a program called Couch-to- 5k.  Some people she knew had completed the program and were running 5ks twice a day (slight exaggeration).  I was skeptical (as I usually am about things), especially since my relationship with running was a hate-hate one.  I hated it and it hated me.  In high school, when running laps at basketball practice, I would walk when the coach wasn’t looking. 😀

Anyway, after some research and reading all the testimonials, I downloaded an App with the C-to-5K program and set out to run my 5k!!  At first, I ran slower than a third grader with a limp, but eventually I could run 3 miles.  Last year I was up to 6! 😀

I now keep running tucked in my back pocket.  When I need a break from an exercise program (just completed T25), or I want a really quick workout, or if I need to be one with nature (lol), I run.

 App:  RunDouble

3.  Wendy’s Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad.

Photo From Wendy's

Photo From Wendy’s

Anyone who knows me can usually guess what I want for lunch – a big salad!  That’s what I want for dinner, too, most of the time.  It really just comes down to what type of salad.

I discovered this one a few weeks ago and in accordance with my usual M.O., when I find something I love, I do it everyday…until I no longer love it or I find something else. 🙂 It has applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, grilled chicken, strawberries, honey roasted sunflower seeds and is topped with apple balsamic vinaigrette.  The calories are higher than I would normally spend for lunch (550), but you can customize it and it comes in half and full size portions.

Disclaimer:  Wendy’s is NOT giving me anything for plugging this.  I wish. 😉


She Said


1.  Independence Day

When anyone mentions July, I immediately think about Independence Day!  This past July 4th, our church had a huge celebration and invited the entire community.  We were pleasantly surprised when the crowds far exceeded our expectations.

We had people come to our family friendly party from all over South Carolina and we had guests from North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia enjoying the festivities, including live music, food, Italian Ice and Snow Cones, plenty of water and sodas and lots of fun activities for the kids.

We gave away Visa gift cards every 30 minutes and ended the evening with a professional spectacular fireworks show.  I had such a great time!

4th of July

Here’s my grandson playing air guitar with the band!  Can you tell he’s just had a Blueberry snow cone?

Rockets Over Jefferson

2.  Frozen Grapes

This is not a new concept, but I’m crazy about frozen grapes in the summer time.  It gets really hot here in South Carolina and munching on frozen grapes for a snack and/or as dessert is something I never tire of.  You just wash your grapes, shake the excess water off, place in a zip lock freezer bag and toss them in the freezer.  I like to freeze mine overnight.  They are sweet, creamy and crunchy – all at the same time!  If you’ve never had frozen grapes, please, please try them!

Frozen Grapes

3.  Sandals

I’m such a shoe person and I’m really in love with summer sandals.  I was going to share my favorite 3 pairs of sandals, but I couldn’t par it down and I couldn’t leave out my favorite wedges!  I’ve been in love with the wedge heel for a long time!   It was hard to just show 4, but here’s what I’m loving to wear with shorts, maxis and just about everything!

Note:  I was going to actually wear my sandals for the photo shoot until I noticed that I needed a pedicure really badly.  Update:  Pedicure mission is now accomplished!

She Said, She Said


I have to add one more thing!  I’m also loving blogging from St. Lucia for the next two weeks!  Well, the posts are already written (a lot of good ones, too!) so I’m going to have my toes in the sand and my head in a book for a while!

She Said, She Said

What are you loving in July?