How to Set a Formal Dinner Table

As a southerner and a stickler for proper table manners and table settings, one of the first things I taught my kids was how to set a formal dinner table and I always added, “You never know when you’ll be invited to dine at the White House!”  I’m still holding my breath on that one, […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner – The Trilogy (Part I)

A girl should be two things:  classy and fabulous ~Coco Chanel I can almost hear Tom Jones singing Love is in the Air because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  And in the next few days, I will be sharing my top three Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinners that will prove how classy and fabulous you really are! […]

Helpful Hints for Valentine’s Day Events

I received a question from an old friend asking for some ideas for a church Valentine’s Day event.   My mind went blank.  I rattled off a few things we had done and then realized it was pretty much what every church had done.  It was a been-there-done-that sort of thing.  So I compiled a […]