5 Ingredient Pineapple Mango Bowl with Slivered Almonds

Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to spending a week at the beach next month. Maybe it’s because I love all things tropical including pineapple, mango, and tropical islands. Or, maybe it’s because I’m yearning for summer. I can’t help it. I’m a summer girl and Pineapple Mango Bowl is calling my name. Actually, this […]

Mango Buttermilk Shake

As a child, I remember my dad eating buttermilk and cornbread. He would crumble up some leftover cornbread in a glass, pour in the buttermilk and eat it with a spoon. I’ve never been a fan of buttermilk when it comes to straight up chugging. I would definitely need a chaser. However, when it comes […]