Grandma’s Hoe Cakes

I’m about to share with you the easiest and most scrumptious southern recipe ever – the hoe cake.  It can be written as two words or one.  I prefer two. My maternal grandma had a stroke when I was a toddler and she passed away when I was 17.  All of my memories are of […]

My Everyday Salad

Today I’m sharing my favorite lunch.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  It’s filling.  It’s portable.  I’m trying to see how many sentences I can start with the word it’s.  And it’s healthy.  It’s my super-lunch and I eat it several times a week. Let’s get real.  I eat it just about every day in the spring […]

Quick & Easy Baked Potato Soup

Note:  This Quick & Easy Baked Potato Soup is a throwback recipe from last winter, but it’s good all year long! The weather outside is frightful and this is my go-to soup when I’m in a hurry, when it’s cold outside, or just plain anytime.  It’s comfort in a bowl. My recipe for quick & […]