Stan’s Oyster Stew

My mom and brother, Stan, are without a doubt, the greatest cooks in the world when it comes to all things seafood.  I’ve never had anything seafood related in a restaurant that came close to their expertise, and I’ve sampled quite a bit. I’ve had Stan’s oysters every way imaginable – steamed, raw, baked, etc. […]

Meatless Soups & Stews & Low-Fat, Too!

Winter cries out for comforting soups and stews!  These meatless soups & stews are fun, flavorful, and full of fiber, but low in fat. A win-win situation for all!  And you can eat more knowing how good they are for you! 🙂 Kickin’ Cream of Cauliflower 2 T olive oil 1 small onion, diced 2 […]