Porches, Patios, Paths Tour – Part 5

House #5 We’re almost done with the Porches, Patios, Paths Garden Tour!  You can find homes 1-4 by clicking on the following links: House #1 House #2 House #3 House #4 The gardens of the Brooks home has a terraced backyard concept.  According to my helpful brochure, “The Brooks garden is sectioned off to give […]

Porches, Patios & Paths Garden Tour

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, my three daughters whisked me away to the Porches, Patios & Paths Garden Tour in the nearby town of Cheraw, South Carolina.  Cheraw is pronounced chuh-RAW or shuh-RAW, according to who you ask, and  is often referred to as “the prettiest town in Dixie.”  And now I know why. […]

Home for Christmas Tour

Welcome to my “Home for Christmas” Tour!  This is the very first time I’ve opened my doors to all of you and I’m a tad nervous!  Come on in and have some buckeyes and a cup (or two) of our favorite mocha punch! I do believe it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Actually, […]