Porches, Patios, Paths Tour – Part 5

by Alli

We’re almost done with the Porches, Patios, Paths Garden Tour!  You can find homes 1-4 by clicking on the following links:

Gardens Tour #1

House #2

Tour #3

House #4

Porches, Patios & Paths Garden Tour – Brooks Home

The gardens of the Brooks home has a terraced backyard concept.

According to my helpful brochure, “The Brooks garden is sectioned off to give the appearance of being different rooms, including a cutting garden, a Gazebo room, a lower garden, a mid-level garden, patio, and large deck.”

Garden Tour

A common thread throughout the entire tour is how serene and peaceful all the gardens are. I would love to spend an afternoon reading in this garden. 

Patio Garden Tour

I also love the uniqueness of each garden space and all the unexpected surprises. 

Garden Tour

Garden Gate – Patios, Porches & Paths Garden Tour

Every time I see a garden gate, I’m always curious as to what’s on the other side. To me, a garden gate is an invitation to step inside and explore!Garden Gate

This wrought iron bench is a family heirloom, passed down from the great grandmother of the homeowner. I’m crazy about family heirlooms and this one is swoon-worthy. 

Antique Bench

This is one of my favorite pieces in the garden. 

Garden Tour

Bright and Vivid Colors on The Patio

These colors are so cheerful. And I really want to add a swing to my front porch. Isn’t it inviting?

Reading a good book while sipping a glass of ice-cold lemonade is how I’d love to spend the afternoon in this swing. 

I have so many new ideas for my patio, gardens, and more. 

Thanks for continuing on this tour with me. Next week will conclude the Porches, Patios & Paths Garden Tour! It was truly a fun adventure and I especially loved that I took this tour with my three daughters. Making memories with my girls  is one of the greatest Mother’s Day presents ever.