Porches, Patios, Paths Tour – Part 5

House #5

We’re almost done with the Porches, Patios, Paths Garden Tour!  You can find homes 1-4 by clicking on the following links:

House #1

House #2

House #3

House #4

The gardens of the Brooks home has a terraced backyard concept.  According to my helpful brochure, “The Brooks garden is sectioned off to give the appearance of being different rooms, including a cutting garden, a Gazebo room, a lower garden, a mid-level garden, patio and large deck.”

Garden Tour

Garden Tour

Garden Tour


Every time I see a garden gate, I’m always curious as to what’s on the other side.  To me, a garden gate is an invitation to step inside and explore!Garden Gate


This wrought iron bench is a family heirloom, passed down from the great grandmother of the homeowner.

Antique Bench

Garden Tour

I love bright and vivid colors in the spring and summer!  And I really want to add a swing to my front porch!Swinging!

Next week will conclude the Porches, Patios & Paths Garden Tour!

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  1. Beautiful. I have never really thought of statuary in gardens for myself but these are stunning. xo

  2. I love it!! Beautiful! I’m completely inspired–my husband and I have been working on our outdoor area too.

  3. I love garden gates also and agree that they are beckoning us to enter! The Garden tour is chock full of great yard and garden (and porch) ideas!

    • Next Thursday concludes the tour. I was hoping everyone would not get bored from six weeks of it, but I think it’s really been a hit. I’m so glad!

  4. So inspirational! Just lovely!

  5. Love the fountain

  6. Another beautiful porch! I really love the bold colors, especially the blue. I think this one is my favorite porch!

  7. I agree – the colors make this one amazing! That blue couch with piping is gorgeous!

  8. So pretty! I absolutely LOVE that wrought iron bench!

  9. the blue cushion, the water feature & the little concrete lady are all so darling!! Love, love, love =)

  10. I am so loving that garden gate. It’s something about it like you said that says come on in:)

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