18 Fashion Tips for Men

by Alli

18 Fashion Tips For Men was written for men like my husband. He’s not into fashion at all so it’s up to me to make sure he looks his best. I hope these tips will help you as well. 

Clothing says so much about a person. So, with that in mind, I’m about to make you men (or your man) the best-dressed man in town. Ready?

Fashion Tips for Men


Dressing Up – Fashion Tips For Men

1.  Every man should invest in at least one good quality suit that fits well.

2.  A man’s tie (except bow ties, of course) should end right at his belt buckle.

My number one pet peeve is a tie that ends halfway down a man’s shirt. It just looks sloppy and old fashioned. There should not be a strip of shirt showing between the end of the tie and the belt buckle.

3.  Invest in a nice pair of dress shoes (or two).

Shoes should be shined and match the belt. I have a personal rule about men’s dress shoes: Black shoes are worn with black suits and gray suits.  Brown shoes go nicely with brown/tan and navy suits.  Pet Peeve: Black shoes with a navy suit. I know it’s a thing but it sends me over the top.  

4.  Just say no to pleated pants.

I think pleated pants should be outlawed immediately. Flat front pants that fit well look so nice and they don’t add the bulk that pleats do.

5.  Want to look taller?

Ditch the cuffed pants. Personally, I think cuffed pants look very nice, but if you are short, you will look shorter. Fool the eye by not wearing cuffed pants if you want to look taller.

6.  Want to look slimmer? This fashion tip applies to everyone!

Never ever wear a double-breasted jacket. It makes a person look wider.

7.  Ditch those white socks!

Dress socks should match the pants, not the shirt. However, I like socks with a colorful pattern. If you’re wearing black slacks, a pair of socks with a black background and a pattern that matches your shirt is just so trendy and I personally love it!

8.  Say goodbye to high-waters!

The medium break is the classic look for all men’s dress pants. Ask your tailor to adjust the length of your pants to hit midway between the top of your dress loafer and the top of your shoe sole.

Updated: In 2020, men are wearing shorts and pants a tad shorter. 

9.  It’s A-OK to buy a few trendy pieces, but stick with the classics when dressing up and you will never go wrong.

Dressing Down

1.  Don’t wear t-shirts with big honking designer logos.

You’ll look like a walking billboard. Smaller is better. And a plain v-neck t-shirt is simply adorable.

2.  Men’s shorts should ideally hit right at the top of the knee.

Anything below the knees is no longer considered shorts. They are shants. Again, just say no to pleated shorts.  (See #4 above)

Note: It’s currently the trend to wear shorts much shorter than this (updated 2020). 

 3.  Never, ever wear socks with sandals.

Or boat shoes. Or loafers (paired with shorts). When men wear shorts, boat shoes and loafers look best, in my humble opinion.

4.  Never leave a button-down shirt unbuttoned to your waist.

No one wants to see your man cleavage. Leaving the top two buttons unbuttoned is acceptable.

5.  Leave the speedos to Olympic divers.

I apologize in advance to all of my southern and eastern European friends. But this is such a no for American men unless you have the body of an Olympic diver, then when in Rome . . .

6.  Stay well-groomed!

You don’t want to look like a bear that has been hibernating all summer. If need be, wax that back (see a pro, of course).

7.  Yes, we want you to smell good, but don’t overdo the cologne.

A summer fragrance should be light and airy.

8.   Tanks (commonly called wife-beaters in the south – I know, I know . . .) are meant to be worn as an undershirt only.

9.  Wear more color!

Spring and summer 2014 call for more colors other than black and gray.  Want to know what the trending colors for men are this spring and summer?  Of course, you do!  Placid Blue, Freesia Yellow, and Celosia Orange!


Because I’m an avid reader, I’ve always kept up with the latest trends in fashion, home decor, etc. That doesn’t mean I follow them all, but it’s always a good thing to know.

Do you have a men’s fashion tip or question/comment about any of mine? Do share!

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