5 Ways to Prepare for Date Night In

by Alli

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I well remember that special date night when my husband made reservations at an upscale restaurant and I got all dolled up for a romantic night on the town. It was that particular date that sparked 5 Ways to Prepare for Date Night In.

I recall how much I looked forward to that candlelight dinner with soft music playing in the background. Instead, we were seated right next to a table full of rowdy folks who didn’t realize that we were in a fine dining establishment. I wanted to tell them, but my husband held me back.

5 Ways to Prepare for Date Night In including playing with your food!

These days, I enjoy date night in. I can control the lights, the music, and the food. And trust me, there will be no rowdy folks ruining my evening.

5 Ways to Prepare for Date Night In

1. Get Dolled Up (a little)

I work from home and my standard uniform of yoga pants and my favorite sports team t-shirt just won’t cut it for date night in. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out your body-shaper and a formal gown. Wear something comfy, but pretty. Think sundress or jeans and a cute top.

I didn’t realize my favorite date night dress matches my sofa. The dress has pockets and is so comfy!

This is my favorite date night in dress.

I never wear makeup when I’m working from home. However, I do wish I still sported the beautiful complexion I had at 25, but it’s just not what it used to be. It takes a little effort these days to help me look my best, but it’s worth it. A little makeup goes a long way on date night.

2.  Set the Mood

Setting the mood goes way beyond dimming the lights and having the right music. Try something unexpected, like having a coffee and cookie bar on the coffee table while you watch your favorite movie.

Plump up your favorite pillows. It doesn’t bother me at all that my husband says my yellow pillows look like a big ole bird.

My favorite pillows

It’s easy to set-up a coffee and cookie bar for two. Brew some gourmet coffee, add creamer and your favorite cookies. Add it all to a pretty tray and you’re ready for date night.

5 Ways to Prepare for Date Night In

3. Grab Your Favorite Cookies

When planning a date night in, I like to feel pampered by having my favorite cookies on hand. Kroger always has exactly what I need.

Oreo In-store Photo at Kroger

Since lemon is my all-time favorite flavor and OREO is my favorite cookie, the New Lemon OREO Thins are perfect for date night. They’re thin, crisp and delicate.

OREO Thins are nice and thin!

Because I love my husband and chocolate is his favorite, I buy the New Chocolate OREO Thins just for him.

Chocolate OREO Thins

During date night in, it’s perfectly OK to play with your food! How about a game of OREO checkers?

OREO Checkers

4. Pick Two Movies

I always have two movies picked out – a romantic film for me and a manly-man movie for my hubby. Usually, my hubby insists that we watch my movie first – he’s such a southern gentleman. We hardly ever get to his movie. Wink. Wink.

Dim the lights! It’s movie time!

Dim the lights! It's movie time!

5. Walk Away From Your Smart Phone

If you’re like me, you’re never far from your phone. My phone seems to be an extension of my hand. One way I show my husband I really care is by silencing my phone and putting it away. Hey, if he happens to leave the room for a minute, take a peek. I’ll never tell.

Relax, curl up on the sofa with your partner, a good movie, and enjoy a night of pampering!

Enjoy date night in with OREO things

Whenever my husband and I need a little time for ourselves, we enjoy date night in along with our favorite OREO thins. Visit www.oreo.com/thins to find your favorite thin twist on the OREO you love. What’s your favorite flavor?