I Was Almost Carded

by Alli

A few days ago I was shopping at one of my favorite discount department stores.  Sometimes it’s a big fat miss and I ask myself why I continue to stop by that particular store and then I’ll hit the jackpot and snag some upscale designer duds for a steal.  Here’s my tips on shopping steals and deals.  I also find inexpensive props for photos and tablescapes.

This past Tuesday I was standing in line, or what I refer to as the maze, to pay for my stuff and I could hear a conversation between the cashier and an elderly lady.  The cashier was explaining to the lady that she would get 10% off of her purchases because she was a member of the Tuesday Club.  She went on to explain that any time she came in on a Tuesday all she had to do was say “Tuesday Club” when she stepped up to the register.  That sweet little lady was ecstatic.

When I heard the word Next yelled, I stepped up to the counter and with my southern drawl and a great big smile, said “Tuesday Club.”  That cashier looked at me like a cow at a new gate and replied, “No way.”  I then said, “Yes, way!”  She shook her head in disbelief and I offered to show her my license.  She stuttered a little bit as she answered, “That won’t be necessary.”  I was almost carded at the department store!

I Was Almost Carded

I’ve just recently tiptoed up to the age where I can receive discounts at certain department stores.  I’m no where near the age to receive for-real senior citizen benefits – who came up with that term anyway?  And at first I had very mixed feelings about it all.  I wrote about entering the nifty 50’s here!

What age qualifies one for senior citizen status?

If you Google the official age to be deemed a senior citizen, you’ll find out that there is not a “legal” age to be classified as a Senior.  Some people say 50 -whoa now!  Some say 55, 60 and some say 65.  I say 105!

When I was in high school I thought anyone over 35 was old as dirt.  These days, my mom will call to tell me the home town news and often it includes someone who has recently passed away.  I’m like, “How old were they – 150?”  I thought they were old when I was young.

I can remember turning 30 and not being bothered at all.  I kinda felt like 30 something was a coming of age where I would be taken more seriously, etc.  I now have 2 children in their 30’s and the other 3  getting very close.  Tick tock, tick tock goes that biological clock – just sayin’.

When I turned 49 my mailbox began to overflow with offers from the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).  I promptly threw those nasty things away.  How dare they assume I was anywhere near the age to need their stuff.

What have I learned along the way?

1.  Enjoy life – It passes by way too fast.


Stop yearning for the weekend!  You’re wishing your life away.  Monday’s can be fun, too!  Here’s my Life is too short post.  It’s an eye opener!

2. Hang Tough

You won’t go through life without someone hurting your feelings occasionally.  Be tough.  Just because someone doesn’t like something that you say, do, like . . .  doesn’t mean they don’t like you.  Or it may.  I no longer care. What used to make me cry in my 20’s is now met with a shrug of my shoulders, a wave of my hand and a laugh.

3.  Be Yourself

Be an original, not a copycat.  When I became a pastor’s wife over 30 years ago I thought I had to look and act a certain way.  No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t fit into that prim and proper pastor’s wife mold in my head so I decided to karate chop that mold, break it to pieces and kick it to the curb.  Hey, it worked!

4.  Laugh Often

Laugh at yourself, at others, with others.  Laughter IS the best medicine!  Check out this post that’s all about the benefits of laughter!  Don’t be so stressed.  I read that stress is the cause of 60% of all illnesses!

5.  Love Much

Let your friends and family know how much you love them – in words and actions.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned along the way?