I Was Almost Carded

A few days ago I was shopping at one of my favorite discount department stores.  Sometimes it’s a big fat miss and I ask myself why I continue to stop by that particular store and then I’ll hit the jackpot and snag some upscale designer duds for a steal.  Here’s my tips on shopping steals […]

One Word 2015

Who remembers my one word for 2014?  Come on, now.  I certainly wrote about it enough and you can read my very first post about my 2014 word here.  It was L O V E and man, I had to often remind myself  that I had chosen to walk in love in all situations. I’m not […]

Piping Hot

Food that is supposed to be served hot should be served piping hot, in my opinion!  It’s the way my mom did it when I was growing up.  We ate dinner (supper to us southerners) every night at 5:30 sharp, as soon as my dad got home from work.  And the food would be placed […]

Faithful Friday – Work It

How’s your 2014 word working for you?  Or is it giving you a good work out? I have to admit that my word, love, looms over me on the (rare) occasion when I want to throw my word overboard and drown it!  But love is a vital part of charting the course for my future. […]

One Word

2014 is almost here!  Forget New Year’s Resolutions!  They don’t usually last, do they? Have you heard about One Word Three Sixty Five?  I was introduced to One Word by reading a post by another blogger and I was intrigued.  The post lead me to a website that explains the precept of One Word.  Basically, […]