Brandon Price, An Unsung Hero

by Alli

When I was a little girl, my home burned completely to the ground during a lightning storm.  Thankfully, we were not home at the time. We lived a few miles outside of town and in those days, if you lived outside the city limits, there were no fire hydrants, etc.

After growing up and living in several large cities, my husband and I settled in a small town to raise our children.  I was relieved when we first moved here and I spotted a fire hydrant next to my front yard AND a fire department right down the street.

Later, I was surprised to learn that our community fire department was made up of volunteer firemen. Talking about unsung heroes!  These men are on-call 24 hours a day.  When they get an emergency call, they stop what they are doing and rush to help neighbors in need.

Brandon Price - Unsung Heroes

Volunteer fireman applicants are required to go through a physical, background check and many hours of training before becoming a volunteer fireman.

Brandon Price, Unsung Hero

I’m especially thankful to Brandon Price, an unsung hero and one of our local volunteer fireman.  Every year our church hosts a large 4th of July party for the entire community, complete with professional fireworks.  Brandon is always there with his big, red, shiny fire truck for all the kids to explore.  He’s also there to make sure we don’t catch the woods on fire!  He always stays to the very end (for free) to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

Unsung Hero

Brandon has been a volunteer fireman for almost 13 years.  He still doesn’t know exactly why he stopped by the fire department and filled out an application to join all those years ago.  Looking back, he said that he has always had such a love for his community and wanted to do anything he could to make it better.

The toughest job for him is keeping all the equipment running and he takes pride in knowing that everything on the trucks is in tip-top condition and ready when they get a call.

Unsung Heroes

What does Brandon like best about being a volunteer fireman?  Driving the trucks!  Whether it’s responding to a call, supplying the other guys with what they need or training someone to drive, it’s always exciting.  His top priority?  Making sure every man comes home at the end of the run.

Brandon Price - Unsung Hero

Our volunteer fire department relies on donations and dedicated men like Brandon to keep the trucks and firehouse in good repair.  We always look forward to their BBQ fundraiser every year.

Volunteer Firemen - Unsung Hero

Unsung Heros

I’m honored and proud to partner with Brawny in their support of unsung heroes.  Just as the Brawny Man™ is larger than life and resilient, my hat goes off to Brandon and all the volunteer firemen!

The next time you see a volunteer fireman, stop and thank him (or her) for his selfless act of service and his willingness to give up his time to help others.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Brawny® paper towels.