Breaking News

by Alli

Hey!  I have some breaking news for you!

Breaking News


First of all, if you subscribe to my blog, thank you, and if you don’t you can look to the right and subscribe right now.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.

You may have noticed that the email you received from me today looks a little different.  I just switched email providers and I hope you like the new change.  If you have any problems reading this email, etc. please drop me a note at [email protected] and let me know. Fingers and toes crossed!

Also, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a monthly contributor to My Cooking Spot and my first spot begins today!  There will be no changes at all to my blog.  I will be right here and I’ll always send you a little note (like this one) and include the link so that you can see what recipe I’m sharing at My Cooking Spot.  It will always be a delicious recipe that I haven’t shared here so make sure you click here to take you there.

If you have time, please leave a comment when you visit My Cooking Spot so it will feel just like home.

Stay safe and don’t forget to come back on Friday to see all the cool projects, recipes and everything in between at The Pretty Pintastic Party.  Oh, yeah, we’ll soon have some breaking news there, too, but I can’t say anything yet.  My lips are sealed.

Have a blessed day and thanks again for following my blog!