Kid Friendly Pumpkin Crafts

by Alli

It’s Hit or Miss Wednesday!  Did you miss last week’s Mini Upside Down Oreo Cheesecake and the special guest who took over my kitchen?  If you did,  you’ve got to click here!

I just have to tell ya from the get go that these little pumpkin ideas for kid friendly pumpkin crafts are a BIG hit!   I’ve had so much fun with the crafting aspect of this post and the kids (or the kid in you) will love it!  I promise!

Little Pumpkin Ideas

These little pumpkin ideas were inspired by HGTV magazine AND include a free template.  You can grab the free template here.

Felt Mask and Bat Wings Pumpkins 

  • black felt (you can buy felt squares at Walmart or any craft stores)
  • scissors
  • small pumpkins
  • hot glue gun OR craft glue  
  • toothpicks
  • free template

After printing the free templates, cut out the size you need and pin it to the black felt.  Cut around the template.  Don’t forget to cut out the eyes!

Helpful Hint:  When I was working on the mask pumpkin, instead of using black string, I just cut out two strips of black felt to tie the mask to the pumpkin.  I put a dab of hot glue on the back to hold the mask in place.  Done!

Bat Wings

To make the bat wings, after tracing the wings, glue a toothpick to the back of each wing and stick it into either side of the pumpkin.  My pumpkin was one tough cookie, so with the pointed end of a steak knife, I punched a little hole in each side to make it easier for the toothpick to go in.

Aren’t these things adorable?  But that’s not all!  Look at these Googly Eyes Pumpkins!

Googly Eyes Pumpkin Crafts

All you need is 2 sets of wiggly eyes, 2 small pumpkins and 2 teacups.  Hot glue the eyes to the top of your pumpkins and place them in a teacup so that it looks like they are peeking out!  I made a boy and a girl so they could make googly eyes at each other – puppy pumpkin love!

Googly Eyes Pumpkins

Helpful Hint: If the cup is too tall for the pumpkins, just place something in the bottom of the cup to make the pumpkins taller.  I used canning jar rings that I had left over from my easy DIY pumpkin.  Worked like a charm!

Oh, and by the way, the pumpkins were purchased at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, one dollar each.

When my 3 year old grandson saw the pumpkins, his face just lit right up as his eyes widened in delightful surprise.

This would be a great craft to do with older kids.  Younger children can help decide which googly eyes to use and where to put them.  Just be sure to keep the hot glue gun out of their reach or use craft glue!

Helpful Hint:  My wiggly eyes didn’t have an adhesive backing, but some of them do – ideal when working with small children and you don’t have to use glue at all.

What kid friendly crafts are you doing this fall?

Little Pumpkin Ideas